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I'm BACK PEOPLE!!!!!! :D

I have finally returned from Germany!:P

It was a GREAT school trip.:D

We got to see some amazing sights in Germany.:)

What was really fun though was that my friends and I could go out into the town (Without teachers) and we would go down to the town carnival every night.:P

Well, it was a great trip and I would definitely go there again!:)


BTW: The reason I'm re-posting this is because my last blog was moderated for my language.....oops!:oops:

First Week Summary

School definitely is not as bad as I thought it would be..:|

It was acually a lot of fun.:)

I'm in Germany now because our German teacher brought us here to test our language and it's cool.:)

One Really strange thing I have to tell you is that our new Geography teachers is kinda......CRAZY!!!!!:shock::shock:

He has a weird way of teaching which is by SHOUTING!!!!! the whole time.:P

He has 3 teddy bears he carries around with him all the time and they fit in his pocket. Their names are Jodie, Tracy and Suzie.:P

He puts them on his desk and puts their faces towards his book when he's reading out to the c.lass:lol:

One day he was out of c.lass and sum1 took his teddies........He started SCREAMING out to the heavens above!!!:shock:

JODIE!! TRACY!!! SUZIE!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?:shock::shock:

He couldn't find who took his teddies that day so he brought in a big Crocodile Named Casey!:lol:

He said it just wasn't the same so he went out to search for the teddies again and found two 16 year olds throwing them to each other near the school gates.:shock:

We could hear him screaming an unholy amount of abuse from the other side of the school.:shock:

He came into the c.lassoom again and started kissing the teddies on the cheek and saying welcome back.:lol:

After that story you're probably thinking something similar to "OMG WTF ROFLMAO!!!":P

Overall it was one crazy week.:)

Back To School Tomorrow......:(

I knew the summer would fly by, but didn't think it would go as fast.:|

And now I head back to that building created only to annoy me, make me tired by having to get up early and torture me with tons of homework....:(

One good thing comes out of it I forget what that was....:|

Well, when I think about it, school might not be that bad this year.....We have a lot of new teachers, the schools gotten a new canteen, and a lot more competitions, sports, trips and the like are going to be had.:)

And maybe less homework, cos of the kind new teachers.

It was just that last year in school was ultimately....crap.:|

Barely any sports were being played because of nowhere to play them (Now that problems been fixed, the school has bought more land) and the teachers were on the rampage, absolutely killing you for the littlest things, such as leaning under my desk to get the pen I landed me in detention cos my teacher told me I got out of my chair!!!:evil: (Which I OBVIOUSLY didn't!!!):evil:

But for some strange reason, all the teachers have calmed down??? (Are they on DRUGS?!):shock:

I just hope this year is better than last is all....and if it is......I'll be one happy chap........:D:D:D:D:D

Uncharted - 100% Complete (\oo/)*(^!^)*(\oo/)


I have just completed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune......again.:)

I have to say, crushing mode made it the hardest game I have played since Devil May Cry 3 on Dante Must Die difficulty.:shock:

But once you complete the game 100%, and have all those trophies on your profile card, It's a very good feeling.:)

I look forward to playing other games with trophies and DEFINITELY cannot wait for Uncharted 2!!:D

....ps3 trophy.....

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune:() Trophies

........................oh snap.......................

The Uncharted trophies are FINALLY HERE !!!:lol::lol::lol:

Some people probably think the trophies are stupid cos they maybe finished the game on crushing, unlocked all the rewards and medals and found all the treasures, hoping the trophies would just appear in their profile the minute they got the patch.....Then they discover they have to replay the whole game to unlock them......

....But me.....I can't WAIT to replay the game to unlock the trophies!!!

I shall write another blog when I unlock all the trophies!8)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

PS3 Games

Is it just me, or do all the great games on ps3 end in a 4???:|:|:|


*Grand Theft Auto 4*

*Metal Gear Solid 4*

*Call of Duty 4*

*Soul Calibur 4*


What do you think???:D:D:D