Why all the hate for Metroid: Other M?

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Personally, I loved Metroid: Other M. I thougt the story was great- and represented well with the amazing cut scenes. I thought Samus's characterization was pulled off well, too.

The gameplay, although it has some flaws, was great- you'll learn to love it in time. And the graphics were great for a Wii game.. The beloved Metroid flare was there as well, how do I know this? I ended the game with only 52% completed! That's a Metroid game for you! Finding some items is really puzzling, and the boss battles are awesome and challenging.

I just don't understand why anyone would have so much hatred towards the game, sure some might think it is too action-y (Which I disagree with, the game keeps you on your toes and I applaud it for that), and some may think the exploration part is gone (I also disagree with this, although it may appear linear, there are several paths you'll keep disovering even -especially- towards the end in the epilouge, you just keep finding more places to go!).

I'm aware not everyone dislikes this game, I'm just calling out the people that do, and asking them "why?". Your opinion is most likely different than mine, but I just wanted to share to you all how much I really enjoyed this game!

Favorite game of 2010 so far?

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There have been plenty of great games this year, from Mario Galaxy 2, to Red Dead Redemption, to Alan Wake, to God of War 3, to Mass Effect 2.. There's been a lot.

But which one is my (and your) favorite?

Here is a list of games I have really enjoyed so far this year (and released this year):

-Mario Galaxy 2

-Alan Wake

-Splinter Cell Conviction

-Monday Night Combat

-Bit.Trip Runner

Now here are some games I'd like to play (that also came out this year)

-Mass Effect 2

-Red Dead Redemption

-God of War 3

How about you? What are your favorite games this year? Which one is your very favorite? (Hint: Mine is Mario Galaxy 2, it's amazing).

Starting to Blog on Gamespot again?

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I haven't blogged on Gamespot for a long time, and in this time I have greatly improved my writing skills. So I pondered the idea of starting my blog once again, yet I don't want it to be a lost cause (like it was previously). By lost cause I mean this: I'd like people to actually read or comment on it.

I know, that depends on whether my blog is any good or not, yet I'd like to know if people are even willing to do that anymore.. So, should I start again?

Why Greatest Game Hero is dumb.

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It's a great idea, I really love it. But people don't take it seriously, and they don't vote for who they really think is the greatest game hero, honestly, Gordon Freeman? I'll admit, I love Half Life and Half-Life 2, but he is far from the greatest game hero, Mario is the obvious choice, vote for him!

Birthday coming, Which games should I get?

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Alright guys, I got a birthday coming and would like to know what games I should ask for, and my birthday is August 3rd, so games that come before that.

Keep in mind I have mostly every big game for all systems and have every system including PSP and DS.

Please name some! THank you!

Sonic and the Black Knight - CONFIRMED!

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Remember that sword silhouette from last months Nintendo Power? The new cover of this month's issue has Sonic holding a sword in a new Wii game. The title is supossed to be a Wii-exclusive and the cover of the magazine features the blue hedgehog holding a sword (a hint of the first third-party game using the WiiMotionplus).

Here's the link to the full story and the Nintendo Power the cover.

What do you think about this new game?

E3 Impressions!

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I recently watched every E3 live and have some stuff to say about it, feel free to comment and say what you think! :D


I cannot wait for the new Dashboard "The Blade" and the "Primetime" looks so cool! Cant wait to make my "Mii-ish" avatars but gamewise, counting only games that havent previously been announced, Microsoft seem to be going casual, but with the Movie thing, it actually looks awesome! Gears 2: Cant wait! Fable 2: Looks awesome! Banjo Kazooie: Niiice! Viva Pinata 2: Heck yah! Portal:Still Alive: THANK YOU!!!!


I was waiting so long for this, Reggie got me soo pumped, I had a list of amazing games that could come, and they took one of them, Animal Crossing: City Folk, it looks, amazing, I cannot wait! The new city thing, and online, and dont forget the all new "Wii Speak" ! VOICE CHAT! THats going to rock, and maybe it will be used for The COnduit?? But, thats all they announced from their big series (besides Iwata confirming that the Mario and Zelda teams are working on new games) and I got some unexpected games, such as GTA:China Town Wars (interested...) and Wii Sports Resort, and along with that, the 1:1 Motion Plus looks awesome! Dont forget Wii Music! That looks very very fun! So yah, Nitntendo didnt hand out a new game for every flagship franchise, but I am still impressed!


really nothing new at this E3, besdies the Resistance PSP game, looks alright, but really not much game wise, you can download movies and tv from your PS3 to your PSP but its been done by 360 before, and Im not excited about that, this year doesnt have much in store for the PS3 as it does for the other 2 systems.

BEST IN SHOW: Microsoft

Microsoft: 8/10

Nintendo: 7.8/10

Sony: 7/10

What I want Nintendo to Announce during E3!

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E3 is coming and NIntendo has everyone pumped on their mystery games coming, so this is what games I would like to be announced!

Star Fox Online

Imagine this, it's star fox's team vs. team star wolf, in a huge 32 play online deathmatch or capture the flag, it would be huge dogfights in the sky along with ground troops sniping, launching rockets, or blasting lasers at eachother, in sweet space maps, it would be kinda like Warhawk, but really good!

Animal Crossing Wii

Like the GCN and DS games, creat a city, and basically live a virtual life, but this time you would have fully customizable characters, and have bigger towns, more buildings, updated graphics, and best of all, leave your city and go into the huge area where people can roam around and talk to other people online, grab a friend from their and invite them to your city and e mwhere alot of people are to chat or something, then invite them to see your city, and your friends could even live in your own city!!

New Online Service

Friend Codes are nice and all, but with huge games coming out like the Conduit, and hopefully Star Fox Online, you cant have them, they should launch later this year at like November-December with Miis as avatars and stuff, would really be awesome!

Voice Chat/ The Conduit

Nintendo announces they are publishing the Conduit, they reveal alot of info on it, and lastley, they announce it will be packaged with an Offical Nintendo Wii headset for voice chat so you can chat and will have backward compatibility with games that came before it like Mario Kart, Brawl, (those two probably only friends), and if Animal Crossing or Star Fox came before, those too!

Memory Solution

Animal Crossing GCN came with a memory card, so AC:Wii will have some sort of memory device that will solve Wii-Ware buyer's problems!

Pikmin 3

Everyone loved 1 and 2, they need a pikmin 3! With graphics like Brawl too! Or it might be for DS?

F-Zero Wii or DS

They need a new F-Zero, F-Zero GX was the best racing game ever created! I would prefer it to be for wii, but DS wouldnt be bad! And it will have a big 30 player online mode! That would rock!

Kid Icarus Wii

Imagine some levels as a flight simulator sort of thing, maybe sometimes on-the rails shooting, and ground missons being a third person shooter, but you can also combat with those thingys, that would be cool!

New Zelda

THere hasnt been an E3 without one, just a trailer is all :)

I also want more Info on:

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Kirby Superstar Ultra


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