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i'm back!!!

i wasn't on for the past 3-4 days because i was at my cousins house. now i'm back, and i got new plans for my profile and my union. i'm also still trying to make a video game, and i've been getting many questions and comments about it, and i ask for more comments please, the more help i get, the better the game will be. i still have my blog about the game up, and it currently has 11 posts.

gamespot just got a whole lot better

i entered a 2 on 2 touranment in metroid prime hunters recently, and if it works out i'll start a tournament of my own. other then that, the only real downfal to gamespot is that it still won't let me load my banner into my union! not that  i have a banner, but it would be nice. i have a idea though. i'll give membership to somebody else temporarily, and let them load the banner in, and let them return membership.

i might leave gamespot

because some poeple are just mean! and besides, i have to look out for my profile and my union, and because it's summer time, nobody wants to post. don't say it's not because schools out, i know it is. and other then that, i got a myspace to look after. well, actually, mayspace is easy to use, sort of. whatever. if i do decide to leave, i'll post like a "good bye" post.


most of you should know gamespot has "design" unions. well, i've been invited to join 3 already, and i've joined 2. are my designs that great? what is this? my banner and stuff arn't all THAT good are they?

the "you should read this it's like important" post

first, i went to the BMX track yesterday to ride my bike, and there was these other dudes there hitting jumps, and this one dude jumped over his brother!:shock: anyway, after that i went a whipped some more level 9's at super smash bros melee(they're so fricken easy) and i was thinking today, i thought "i should make a video game about myself." you may think i'm selfish if you want, but i'm going to tell you about the game, and if it was made i'd give it to everyone for free.

the game would be awesome not only because you'd be able to do just about anything and i mean ANYTHING, but you'd be able to play online as well. the only real downfall is you wouldn't be able to choose or create your characters. you'd have to use me. but to make up for that, you'd be able to customize every little thing about me, from my shirt to the color of my braces. the game would be fun, cause you'd be able to fight with ANYONE, you get to choose who's on your team, who's against you, and who you don't associate with. also, and this is one of my favorite features, you can buy a system and games in the game, depending on what system you're playing my game on. for example, if you're playing the gamecube version, you'd be able to buy a gamecube and buy games like super smash bros melee or metroid prime. and any game you bought in the game you'd actually be able to play it, because you'd be using the controller to the characters system anyway. also, you'd be able to get ANY job, from a cop, to a criminal and everything in between. using this job feature, which this part is my other favorite, if you got a job as a video game designer, you'd be able to actually make your own game and then play it. doesn't this game sound fun? i think it does, even if i wasn't in it.

WII!!!!! (in caps, of course)

i've been think about the next generation and i've decided that the 360 and PS3 are gonna get whipped. and i mean like really bad kind of whipped. wii already won, just look at the controller, they didn't copy anyone else either. and look at the games for it. but if the wii had just a normal controller with no motion sensors, then the PS3 would pwn the wii and the 360

i'm back!

and yes you read it right, i left. i had to! i was suspended for 2 days again. for the same reason this time. and like last time i didn't do it. anyway, the coolest most awesomest thing happened yesterday. i was on runescape, selling stuff and this guy, level 72 asks me if i want his account for FREE, so, me being at level 28, say yes. now i have a level 72 account! yes!