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who reads blogs?

seriously? who reads blogs? almost ever blog that i've read there is no feedback which leads me to believe that no one really reads them.....too busy playing games i guess....well it turns out only a handful of people do get feedback..and are flooded with comments....so to my conclusion i fnd that blogs on gamespot works on the extreme ends of the spectrum of no replys and flooded ammounts........soo my point being..... IS GTA V OUT YET?! FOR FUKK SAKE!?!

Phuock Censorship!!

I've tried to type a comment on a game eailier. I found out a few things that left a sliver in the part of my brain where it factors my thoughts. First, it really doesn't make any sense for gamespot to force people to type out our opinions in a way a neo-terrorist evangicalical christian, would portray the Internet. No profanty, lude content...i understand the "lude" content i mean there's a time and site for that, but the profanity?...really? Last time i check gamespot makes it acceptable to watch a game where it depicits events of war or unrealistic carnage of combat and yet they need the message boards,forums, and the comments like WALT Disney's left nutsack...WE WON ON THE WAR ON IRAQ...call Bush he'll tell u.