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If you're looking for a great single player experience, then absolutely yes! However, if you were mainly interested in the multiplayer and map editor, you are WAY better off with Far Cry 2 or Instincts.

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The A.I. that everyone is getting excited about for the map editor I think just relates to the animals. When editing a map you can place animals in cages or maybe in certain areas that will attack nearby players. For example on your map you can have a cave that one team passes on the way to the other team's side. In this cave you can have three bears depending on their item cost (if you've used the FC2 map editor you will know what I mean). Maybe you might even put an ammo crate in the cave to cause players with low ammo to wonder in. Well that's my take on the A.I. it used for animals you might want to place on your map.


Cool story... How did you get the game so soon?

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That's a good question. I guess we'll know soon enough.

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Yes, it will be included, and I'm looking forward to beating it again... in 3D! :D

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how about resident evil goes back to being resident evil. pretty easy solution eh.

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I really hope so... even though I own both on xbla. It would be cool to be able to free up the space on my hard drive.

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The overall visuals seem rather dark... maybe its just that level. And yeah, two minutes is ridiculous.