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I am victory in the form of Cox

Scrubs will run an eigth season begenning near the middle of this year yessssss everyones favorite television show (not to say its yours just liked the expression) has survived a harrowing strike and almost as many seasons as my other favorite show M*A*S*H i don't love doctors and certianly not hospitals but these shows make me genuinely chuckle .

Sadly enough......

Until a few weeks ago I had never actually played the Overlord game However I am proud to say that I have now won it and find it to be one of the best games I have played in quite some time if you're a fan of rpgs or rts games this might just be a title for you

Overlord outinskey

The Beatles WHO??????

I recently heard on the news whilst flipping throught the channels that the contestants of American Idol or something like that (there must be atleast two hundred variants) we're required to sing Beatles songs and had NO idea who the Beatles were HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW they flippin built rock and roll and are still popular in main stream culture even after their break up where is N SYNC hmmm no where no one cares and thats only after ten years at the least the Beatles have spanned half a century and are still going strong what is this this is unacceptable ignorance and probably the reason many artists today stink (not all and no offense to anyone not saying modern music is horrible or knocking your favorite band) its just that while you can open a History book and read about the Beatles defining an era and culture with their music, I don't think we'll see Brittany Spears' name in anything in twenty years except perhas the obituaries.

again no offense to anyone these are my views and for thos who read my 2+2=5 post my reality :P

I got it

Sooo I gpot Brawl after a Loooooong wait however the next week should be laiden with a lot of work and thus I shall have to wait another week to play :(:(:(.................... alot:P

ok Here is my code PM me if you add me:)


Civilization Revolution

I can finally play Civilization again my computer sort of stinks and crashed with the game so I had to return it but now I can play it on the 360 or maby better yet the Wii my life is complete:)


OK wait yes I just said 2+2 does not equal four but think about the entire mathematics system is a product of society and a falsity that is implanted in the minds of children everywhere every day. Does the number 2 exist can you prove its existence without quoting a mathematics book or a teacher, the answer is NO math exists only to benefit our major social system in matters of science and "ownership" mathematics ultimately is a creation of man so if man chooses that 2+2=5 then that is what 2+2 will equal. Math does not exist inreality it can be anything

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein

They Call me Cox

People call me Dr. Cox why well watch scrubs I look and when provoke act like the man but generally I'm just a funny guy.
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