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overheat-europe Blog

overheat-europe's eBay Shop - Video Game Goodness :D

hey all - just quit my graphic design job to try and go full time on ebay selling, yep you guessed it, video games

so my shop is located here:

and my games are sorted by both format and condition. I'm grading everything I'm selling to make it easier for collector's to find what they want.

My initial stock isn't great, but I have more on the way, only opened this thing a couple days ago and hoping to add more and more as the days go by.

I'll update this thread with info of new additions to my store, and as a special incentive for all Gamespot forum members, I'll let you in on a little secret: You can get any of the games in my store for 99p below the listed price using the "Best Offer" tool, which is set up to automatically accept offers that are 99p below. Also, if you buy many items at once, then the postage is only 99p for each additional item - so you can really start to rack up the savings!!!

Please feel free to let me know which items you feel are good offers, or are stupidly overpriced - whatever you want. I'd just really appreciate the feedback

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night playthrough series

Okay so my current playthrough series with Final Fantasy VI isn't attracting much attention. That's not to say I won't continue with it, just means I'm gonna start another one soon that hopefully will get a bit more comments. This will be Castlevania Symphony of the Night on the Playstation. Hopefully this will get you talking and is a great game to watch :)

If this sounds like a good idea, then let me know :)

Final Fantasy VI Playthrough Series

Hello all - it's been a long while since my last blog post and I've now moved jobs (again) - and I'm working in CeX in Wakefield, selling video games for a living - woo! It's heaven :)

Anyway, I'm really back into gaming in a big way now and have started compiling various videos to share with the interworld - this being the first for you guys - my Final Fantasy VI Playthrough collection. We're still playing through as we're uploading so I'm not sure how many sections this will have. It will probably take about 60 hours to complete fully including numerous side quests, so I'd guess at about 100 sections to this series.

So, for those, like me, who enjoy watching games being played, may I present to you all my Final Fantasy III (oops, I mean VI) playthrough video. Please feel free to leave comments :)

Communal 360 Elite

My news updates - firstly, no longer working at PC World, because they're gits. Secondly, no longer living in Batley, because I've moved house (duh!), and thirdly and most excitingly - the landlord of my new house (shared) has just bought us all a nice Xbox 360 Elite. Man, I love this place! :D

And that's my news. I'm also happy to report that the guy has damn good taste too as he also got Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect - so I guess my gamertag is gonna see some action again! yay! :)

Just got PGR4

A quick blog to say that we got PGR4 in at work yesterday, which made me rather excited and irritated. Excited that another great chapter in this series is out and irritated that we've got it a week early and all I can do with it is look at the box. I might be tempted to have a sneaky play on it though, perhaps even put it on demo on the 360 in the store if I'm allowed to.

I am wondering why we can't sell it though, I mean the game is clearly ready, so it's just going to sit in our warehouse for a whole week until it's official release date. Perhaps they do it just to annoy us?

Re: the PGR series, I enjoy it somewhat, but I have to say it's not a patch on the Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport series and I'm very much looking forward to the next GT game, will definately stick that on display when we get it. This week's games I'm demoing are:

PS3 1080p: FIFA 08 - I know it's not actually running in 1080p, but it's such an important game that I replaced our Ridge Racer 7 1080p demo with it - it's proving pretty popular so far and I'm happy to see England beating Germany on many occasions on the spectator demos

PS3 720p: Motorstorm - Had this running for many months and it's still as popular as ever with the punters - don't make any wonder either - great game!

360: Sega Rally - Stuck this on demo last week in place of Forza 2 and it's been very popular so far - when I first got it going I was not overly impressed with the graphics, I thought the colours were too vivid and edges were a bit jaggy, but it's started to grow on me as it's a good fun arcade racer, even if the mud effects are still a bit hit and miss.

PC 8800GTS: Colin McRae DiRT - Runs pretty smooth on one of our most powerful PCs at full graphical settings on a 1440x900 resolution iirc. Unfortunately seems to be a bit picky about control pads, so it's just been arrow keys so far - does look amazing though, so shows off the PC pretty well nonetheless.

PC 8600GTS: Sega Rally Revo - Couldn't manage full graphics, but not a bad game to demo.

PC 8500: Pro Evo 2008 - Doesn't require too many specs, so works quite well on this machine - not proved too popular though.

Anyway, that's about it - guess it didn't turn out to be such a short blog after all - ah well... :P

Where in the world? P C World

I've just started work at the wonderful land of P C World - not sure why the P and the C are separated, but that's what it says on the address, so I'm sticking to it :P

Anyway, in this new role, I've decided to assign myself in charge of all the gaming in the store and much to my approval, so far no-one has stopped me. So, I've been going round sticking good demos on in the PC gaming section, on the PS3s and on the 360. Unfortunately the only games I'm allowed to demo are U, PG, and 12 - which is a shame, as that actually cuts out a massive amount of games! Oh well.

If you're ever in the Leeds, Beeston store - I'm the one to come and see for all your gaming needs - and I also know that have a whole load of limited edition Halo 3s hiding in the back that we haven't got on display yet - how's that for insider information? :P

So, come see me! hehe. Until my next blog - happy gaming!

360 Case Design

Alt 360 Design

Okay, so this is pretty much definately a fake design, probably created some time before the 360 was launched judging by its resemblance to the original xbox. But I have to say that I like it, I think it looks much better than the current Xbox 360 system, with it's revolting chrome and complete lack of character. Would probably look better laid on its side though, that angle just hurts my head :(

What do you think?

More Evil Cars


So, I was messing around with a friend on Driv3r, my friend Tig again and it really got me thinking. Firstly, what a crap game Driv3r really is. but also, that I had a Saints Row movie somewhere on my hard drive that I never actually published. So, after trying to record something interesting with Driver 3, I eventually gave up as after an hours worth of footage, I could only find less than a minute of entertainment. Wheras with Saints Row, that would be closer to 5 minutes! MUCH BETTER GAME!

Well, when I looked at the quality of the video, I realised why I didn't publish it the first time. My goodness, this is poor quality. But, I had a good look through it and there's some pretty funny and also some pretty interesting stuff in there, so I thought, well, what the heck - might as well, it's only Gamespot after all

Anyway, so here it is, a fair few months delayed (sold my 360 aaaages ago) - another Saints Row Evil Cars video. This is played with infinte ammo and weapons and the Evil Cars cheat enabled. Just for a jolly good laugh really, and boy did we have fun. This really is the best game I've played for the 360, hours of fun whether you're playing normally or just pissing about like we did in this video. Many thanks to all those who commented on my last Saints Row video by the way, some comments influenced the way we played this time around, especially to the guy who suggested playing Resident Evil Cars. This is where you have to try to get to a predetermined point on the map without using a vehicle - it's a really fun game, that I recommend and it's surprisingly difficult!

I hope you all enjoy this video, I know it's not as good as the first one and the quality is really poor, but to be fair it is a sequal and they're never as good as the originals :P

3am and counting...

Anyone else staying up until the early hours to catch the Microsoft Press Conference? Man, my eyes are getting pretty tired now. Just thought I'd post this blog to keep my brain ticking over.

I reckon I'll be up for another few hours yet. Then quickly get some shut eye so that I'm awake for the Nintendo Press Conference and I'll be then staying with GameSpot's live coverage as long as I can - looks like another late night!!!

Damn, I'm a dedicated gamer :P

Currently to get me in the mood I'm listening to GamingFM - awesome station that I recommend to all to get your fix of quality video game music (though quality is used quite loosely :))

Anyway, I'll see you all in chat (there better bloody well be a chat room) later on tonight/this morning!


God Bless Bethany

Saviour of all things chat related.

I'm writing this straight after tonight's On The Spot show, and I'm smiling from ear to ear as usual. This is because even though Bethany is doing something that all the OTS dirty-stop-out crew really don't like; that's closing chat; she does it in such a way to leave you glowing inside and really looking forward to next week's show, regardless of content.

There's the initial warning, something like:

Bethany: btw

All: uh oh

Bethany: 1 minute until chat closes

All: noooooooooooooooo

Then comes the dreaded countdown, usually done in an amusing fashion shortly followed by chat being ended abruptly and an amusing message to leave you happy and cheerful and, in my case this week, writing this blog.

So, thank you Bethany for the good times, and I really look forward to the E3 coverage.

Three cheers for Bethany:

Hip, hip... :)