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I Think I have outgrown my usefullness in this community.

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Everytime I come to this place I cringe. I don't know why, but something is getting to me. It the felling that I'm missing what life is really about. This place has been goo to me in a lot of ways. I made great accomplishments here and Some great friends. It's just that every time I enter a thread hear at GS, the fun of posting is zapped out of it by people who love to argue why their fanboy logic as perfect, and why their supported system is going to come out on top and win a superficial war of some kind. I don't know, but it makes me feel like my topics and posting has some how become irrelevant and no longer needed. It makes me feel like I have outgrown the silliness that is gaming. The need to feel like you have to be a great fan of something that is really useless and not at all that important to life. Maybe I'm loosing my gaming stripes, or my will to compete in this community environment.

Over the past couple of years I made great achievements. I started the first ever DS forum on GS, and For a while it was a very popular place that others felt like they discovered.

I tried to create a place where people felt good about connecting DS to DS when the Wi Fi service came about. It was not as popular as the DS forum was.

I bought ON to the forefront, back when Nintendo was announcing the Revolution. I regret ever doing that. I also followed the Broken Saints Blog, which I also regret doing.

And then I was Perm banned for a link in my sig.

Since then I restated myself as overfiend, retook control of the Nintendo Wi Fi Clans Union Now just know as the Nintendo Clans. and just kinda been a passive poster here at the community. Yet I just feel like it's no longer worth it to continue posting thoughts and feelings about games. Most of my friends here have grown up and moved on to other things, and I just don't feel like I have moved on to improve myself much. I very much love the work I do as an artist, however I don't think it touches many as it does me. Maybe it's the content a worked that has grow to be a staple of life in what you are. Or maybe its just the skill. What I do is not the master skill people want. All I know is that failure is a ***** and It hurts to be involve in it. Maybe all of the masters in life already lived, or maybe entrepreneurship just took it over. All I know is that my passion has been my art, and when I can't put pencil to paper to make something creative, I feel dead to the world.

Thanks for reading to the ramblings of a 29 year of artist and old style gamer. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently.

Do you think I can sell art?

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Preferably mine. I just put up one of my pieces for sell on E-bay. It's priced at $25.00 for starting bids. I never really sold any art unless its been on commission and my commissions haven't been that costly to my clients. But to sell something I just created out of thin air has never been something I've really done yet. I'm hoping I can do it, and find the right market niche for my work. Wish me luck.

The greatest trick the gaming world ever pulled...

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...was convicing the world that E3 won't exist...

and like that its gone!

Shameless plug


coming up

Are you sad that it seems that popular opinion would suggest -and curb thinking towards the fact- that E3 may be gone forever?

Yes that right, Die E3 Die, Long live E3.

Your a nobody unless you work for an established company.

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What I though of The Harry Potter Movie

Myspace Portrait: Cartooning Rafiki (Part 3)

That type of thinking should disturbing everyone, but the truth is that people actually believe that. If you don't know this I consider myself an artist, and I was talking to one of my friends whom is also in to the arts. We got into a debate about how to best use MySpace, as many artist and business peoples use it to promote themselves, and their businesses. His view was that It s shameful to use the site that way, and that if you do your a nobody promoting nothing useful. He said and I quote "When Image cuts me a deal buy something from me then"

So he believes he prevalent in the comic community when Image cuts him a deal. What a waste. I mean if you have to become a part of a label to be considered a real artist, then count me out. I would rather be a fake artist for the rest of my life that a real label pushing artist. Its sad that people actually believe that selling their soul to a cooperation makes them relevant suddenly. Talk to those that went that route and got nothing out of it.

I'm an educator, and I see kids hopping around thinking this is cool and that is cool. Only people who have these product are cool and the like. My thing is if you have to be a real person based on a company's product, I guess thats fine, but I would rather be cool on my own merits, not because I work for a cooperate Nintendo, or a cooperate MacDonald's. Seriously we place our faith too much in companies and not in ourselves and what we can do on our own.



Loosing my hardcore stripes (Post E3 Blues)

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Posted picture.

Next Tease

I think I'm startin' to loose my hardcore gaming stripes. What do I mean by this. Well First off I should have kept my promise and not tuned in to the E3 mess that became a foot in the Forums. But what could I say I was board, and then next artistic idea wasn't coming to me quickly. So I watched and not to my surprise the stuff that transpired was just more of the same that has been going on for too long now. What am I talking about? Mediocre topics about shifting loyalty, or boasting over what company did better in presentation. IMO the last E3 was last year, and this year was just the official end of what will never be next year. Each company only had 1 hour in which to present, and non of them really presented much to get excited over. Even though Nintendo showed off some new technology for the Wii, it remains to be seen what we are going to get out of it. I think it is a good idea about the fitness thing, but it remains to be seen if It would convince me to be come fit, or if other companies will embrace it and want to make products for it. The other two companies did pretty much exactly what I thought they would. They showed off the games they had shown previous E3, and try to surround release dates around them. I was excited about Mass Effect last year MS. Gees :roll:

To explain wy my hardcore stripes are starting to wane is do to disagreeing with the camps on what gaming should be or who has the right to be considered a true gamer when it comes down to discussion. Really the hardcore crowd is becoming transparent, and the companies are noticing it with Nintendo really taking the lead to box it up. Hardcore theory can be split in to two categories, the ones that are Franchise fans, and the ones that are console fans.

The franchise fans cry about the state of their franchises and about which company, third party or otherwise is taking care of the series. The go on and on about how they have fond memeories and how the don't wish for this or that to change. Leaving little room for experimentation from the said company to make something new of different of it. These franchise fans are not willing to compromise on anything else made by any other company unless its made by their darling company. The darling company of most of them is Nintendo, with the rest of them hovering around rock-star like third parties. Most of them are very angry at their sole darling company Nintendo because they like to produce weird hardware and software in the face of doing the obvious thing, which is to upgrade the spec sheet numbers to support what their fan like vision of a game should be like. Many of them feel like they are being abandoned by their sole darling company so they take their frustrations out on them by going for the other choices and trying to prove or convert others to their belief system that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. What ever Says I. I can no longer agree with that mentality.

Console fans are the ones that try and convince others that only one console is the best and the others are not. Whether it has to do with what type of interface you are getting, or what type of graphics you are getting, there is always an argument for what makes it better. Usually graphics win the argument over gameplay because people like stuff that looks good whether they want to admit it or not. Truth is that both arguments are hypocritical because you need both options to come together to create a good game, but thats not the case with some people, even the ones whom call themselves experts at reviewing games. Good looks are always concidered over lastablity in a review and that though sickens me to the point that I don't much pay attetion to revirews anymore. Thing is I can't agree with this mentality either. At least not anymore.

This mentality that there is a war and that X company is going to win the war is at best a foolish myth. The company that stays in it vs the company that moves one comes down to dollars and sense (as in common). You can argue the case of who targets what core market, but the truth is that your hardcore market is becoming irrelevant. Devs are starting to see this, Hardware manufactures are starting to see this. Question is why can't you.

Sorry I had to Rant.

My thoughs on E3 and other things about my Forum.

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Despite my efforts to aviod the E3 hype this year I did watch. I came away with the same feelings I had going in, its just promises, and its not much else. I notice how others even myself get excited over hearing about the game they just heard about a year ago coming on x-date and looking like its better than the last time they saw it. But I still have to say It is probably worth it to wait and actually try the game for yourself rather than go off of a screenshots of what you think looks good at the moment. My whole reasoning for this is tied directly to the Wii and its crazy control scheme. (Which is about to get a lot more diversified after that last announcement.) Quick judgements base of of your bias as a veteran gamer does not translate in to the overall feeling of the public on the matter. Just because you see one use of a hardware doesn't mesn that tha will be its only use. My philosophy for the Day.

Other thing is that I was able to get my forum to support embeded videos now so you can embed them right in a thread. I'm also holding a contest to the first members of the forum. If you can get ten more people to join, you will become a moderator and will get to choose which place you moderate. Be sure to check it out, as I'm going to embed some videos from Game trailers on some of the gaming news that has happen this week. You can still join as I have open enrollment so join if you haven't.

The benefits are that you can post to all of the forums if you are a member which include the General Hat, Game Hat, and Lounge Hat, many of the forums for non members are hidden so you have to join if you want to see all of them. Read the Guidelines before you join.

If you just drop by to take a looksee you can just sign my guestbook. I would appreciate it.

Transformers 2007

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Want to know what one man thought about this movie? You can read it here. Want to make a comment? You will have to register.

As for the moment, in gaming I'm still working on RE4 Wii edition. It seems that when I finish it, I'll be going back to LoZ TP for a while. Oh yeah and some of those VC games I haven't finished yet. Anyway hope you all are enjoying your 4th of July weekend.

LAter =^_^=.

Let me know what goes down at E3

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Because I'm not going to pay attention. I'm tired of runing behind the cooperations and thier promises, and I'm working more on my art. I'll just by the games when they hit the market (If I have the cash and the are my style that is.) So let me know what transpires at E-3, K.

DPA_CATGirls Serria

Eh... just another day at the pad.

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It's just another day at the pad, surfing the Internet, deciding which game to use, drawing a picture and checking out My other blogs and sites.

Speaking of drawing I did a lot of it last night, form sketches to finished illustrations. It was a awesome day to be in the grove. Just sitting back listening to my Ipod's top 100 rated list, while my pencil maid love with the individual sheets of paper, satisfying my uncensored and some times perverted mind.

Let me tease you a little...


This will be on Deviant in the future.

Its a peice in black and white that found a home on my front panel of my three ring binder form where I keep my perversions of art. My site is just the filter :P. I have been studying the Manga / Anime $tyle more and more and although I think I'm getting more of a Manga / Anime inspired feel, I still will never be as good as those artist. **Sigh** They have some awesome **** that convey emotion beyond my limited skills. I guess its about finding your own in the see of life. Anyway I have been doing this tongue thing a lot in my art, and I never really realized just how much the tongue can communicate to a person; from a come hither to a F - you. I'm liking the tongue a lot as a tool of power so you will see more of that in my art; those of you who are watching ;).

Well to gaming I recommend you get Actraiser and Streets of Rage 2 for the VC. I have been passing the time with Streets as it is one of the best brawlers form the old school era. I remember playing this game along time ago and getting pertty far into it back in the day, alone. Of course its better to play with a friend. Actraiser go my attention along time ago, and I never was able to realy get into the game untill it came out on the VC. then thing about this game is that it breaks up the many parts of its gaming so well and non of them seem very overwhelming. I still haven't to see a game like it in the 3-D space. Two great gems in my book.

Lastly in gaming I'm back to playing LoZ TP and its very breathtaking. Still. I'm catching more of the story elements this time around.

As for things happening at my site. I gained +1 members on my forums, that s 1+ the audience. YAY! ^_^, also I am doing a cartoon for a My Space person. It will be of them of course. I have done one illustration for my own pleasure form a my space acc. before. It came out nice don't you think? It passes the time between drawing out of my mind, and I love a challenge.


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