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Resistance 3- The Trip

Hey everyone,

Had an amazing time out in the outback for the launch of Resistance 3, we did everthnig from quad biking to spear throwing to boomeranging and even had an intense helicopter ride which was all drawn together with friendly banter and mesmerising hypothetical situations during the night!

Anyways, heres a video straight from Playstation AU, its their recap vid, so check it out!


More Pics and vids coming soon!

Resistance 3 - The CGN

Tonight was the beginning of a great voyage for me, i participated in the Resistance 2 CGN with a few old and new faces, there were epic battles against the humans and the chimera set in the intense world that is Resistance! I came out victorious after a hard fought battle against Hellcat- and will be on my way to Alice Springs to report back to the Gamespot community about the Resistance 3 Launch event that is happening at a locale that will be included in DLC in the game- Alice Springs. Watch this space because im sure i'll have a heap of photos and cool stories to share with you all!

A big thankyou to everyone who played and an even bigger thank you to Playstation and Gamespot themselves for hosting what is sure to be an incredible event!!

The Problem With The Wii

Hey Everyone,

I have always been a sony person with the ps,ps2 and psp but also i enjoyed the x-box and i enjoy my ds, the only thing i dont like about nintendo is their consoles and their choice of games, i mean some of the games are ok but some of them are tired, used rubbish that they revamp every new console and every year after that, anyways back to their choice of games, if i was to get a wii i would expect a bit more violence but since they aim their games at younger children i get sick of the games when i go over to friends places, i mean they just dont have a good mix of games it always seems to be mario this wario that, why dont they introduce something completley different like port a GTA or a GOW, the controls would work awesome with these games but they continue to release crappy games, some peolpe might enjoy them but nintendo you need something new and fresh for the wii!!!!!


T.V Shows turned to Games

Hey Everyone,

What do you think about t.v being turned into games, i personally think that it is a great idea, for the great t.v series of our time like LOST, PRISON BREAK and HEROES, if they made a good game out of these series i would line up three days before it came out just to get it, although if they did a bad copy, it could ruin fans of the shows although if they made a good copy, they would be swimming in money. Imagine how cool it would be to play as Jack and Sawyer, fighter for your life on an island or Being Michael Scholfield and Lincoln Burrows , Fighting and running from the police whilst trying to fight aa conspiracy or Being Hiro Nakamura and Peter Petrelli fighting off evil and trying to gather their lives whilst trying to fight baddies and brain eaters!

The Developers could have massive opportunities to develop great games with endless posibilities!!!