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so the release date is winter 2014...


when is that exactly? is it Dec 13 to Mar 14? or Dec 14 to Mar 15?


Or something else completely....?

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are you connected to the net... try disconnecting your modem, then switch it on... might be glitchy network connection errors... but probably not... just a thought to try...
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google ps3 media server. that one works awesome for me on vista!
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they do the exact same as xbox acheivments
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R&C 8 player coop FTW!
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[QUOTE="Spikes10546"]yeah cause when i think about the replay value in trophies i think about playing trashR0rschach-

Sorry, i'm stupidfied. I could hardly understand that.

Anyways, you dont replay games for trophies. That's not right. You replay a game because you truly appreciate it for what it is; not because some dev decided to throw in some stupid trophies as an afterthought. So if you're actually going to replay MGO JUST cuz of trophies, then hell something is wrong with you. You shouldn't need materialistic incentives to go back to a game. Whether it's 100000000000 DP points, or a few new trophies.

man, you need to get some!
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im waiting for the Existence version of the game to be released... then ill replay it 5 times!
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yeah i think it really adds replay value... but i have noticed that it takes away from the initial experience of the game, because im worried about missing a trophy... sad but true...