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smile dog

i was watching a video about the smile dog. You know the creepypasta about a evil photo that first came to light in the early 90s on the internet. This image of this husky with human like teeth and a evil stair will haunt your dreams till you "spread the word". While watching the video about him i saw a reflection of the smile dog in my hallway and it freaked me out. So i thought i would spread the word so he does not make me kill my self lol.

level up takes forever

i am sitting at 25% below level 10!! its driving me mad! i want to post on SW! What is the fastest way to level up? why must it take so long!?

the waiting game

This generation has gone on and on and does not look quite done yet. When the 4th year went by no word of a new console and then the 5th and the 6th and now even the 7th for the 360.

What the hell is taking so long? I built my friend a gaming pc just to try out windows 8. It was so awful! Tablet os 100% desktop os 0%!

I am not a fan of digital games right now. Having the real game is much better 90% of the time. Unless the game is on sale for like 5$ i pretty much never want the digital copy. Publishers just want it to take more power over us gamers nothing more.

Streaming games i find interesting. If gaming could be like on demand tv i would rather play that way then download 30gb games. I only get 120gbs a month and i pay 80$ a month with modem rental and taxes! I share my internet with another heavy user so we use around 100+ gbs.

Far to many ps4 and 720 rumores right now. The internet is going crazy with them..... ITS FREAKING TIME TO SHOW SOME THING!

As for ouya, game stick, Nvidia and so on these are going to be epic fails. Anyone can make an android console so pointless. As for steam box it will fail to unless it does some thing amazing. I am guessing it will be a low power pc that is small and fits with a tv stand and comes with a controller.

I am really interested into seeing what gaikai will do. i don't think sony spend almost 400 million just to stream demos.

I really just want to know so i can plan ahead for my gaming future.

noob time

I'va just join gs sweet. I have known about this forum for quite some times, however i just finnaly decided to jump in. I plan on having a great time here hope everything goes well cheers.