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I'm adopting a Greyhound! I get to bring him home next Thursday (after he gets neutered Tuesday). Right now he's named Dani (his racing name was SS Sleepy Ardani), but I'm changing it (cause I know someone named Danny and he was a pretty not-nice person). He'll now be called Eli (short for Elijah).


Sorry for the huge picture.. Not sure how to resize >.>

Camera Preference?

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I'm shopping around for a new camera. I've had my Canon DLSR for about 4 or so years now, and I'd like to upgrade. However, I'm having trouble deciding between another Canon or a Nikon. Anyone?

Also, I got a Twitter. @volunteeroo You follow me, I'll follow you!Laughing

What? A Blog? Could It Be?

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Well, it's been quite a while since I've done the whole blog thing. I've been here, commenting on news posts and stuff, but apparently I've just kind of abandoned the blogging side of this site.

Not all that much has changed with me lately. Lots of schoolwork and work-work and volunteer work. Fun stuff! I've joined a couple sites, so if you're on those lemme know and I'll stalk follow you!

I'm thinking about getting back into Twitter, but I can't think of anything interesting enough to say. xD

Hopefully I'll be able to remember to check the blogs on here more often. I forgot how nice all my friends here are!

Oh, and also: I've become addicted to Prison Break. I didn't watch it at all when it actually aired, but now that all 4 seasons are on Netflix, I'm speeding my way through. I also really like Breakout Kings - sad that it's not doing so well ratings-wise, though.

Maybe you can help me...

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I know I've been absent for a while, but I'm dropping back in and I hope someone can help me out. I'm trying to place these two things.

First, I remember the name "Zydeco Industries" or something from some movie or TV show I used to watch. But I can't remember where it's from! If someone knows (or if I've gotten the words wrong or something) please help!

Second, I watched a video on YouTube a while ago that I thought was hilarious. It was a music video with a guy singing about something. It was sarcastic and kind of cynical. I think he was on a red sofa, and at one point I remember a cowboy and a clown coming in. He might've gotten stabbed or shot somewhere in it. I know, it's vague, but I'm really drawing a blank on it!

Any help on either of these is greatly appreciated, because I'm totally lost and it's killing me!

I need a tad bit of advice...

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Heya folks!

This one's going to be short, hopefully. But I was wondering if any of you awesome guy peoples out there could provide a bit of insight into something for me?

I've been hanging out with this guy for a few months, just kind of chilling and watching movies. Last Wednesday while we were watching a movie he put his arm around me, pulled me onto his chest, and held my hand. I figured, hey, either he's just touchy or he actually may feel more than friendship.

Last Monday I was feeling kinda gross (stupid cold) so he did the same thing, only we were in class at the time.

Then Wednesday he held my hand throughout class, and later I went to his place to make pizza and watch a movie. Same hand-holding, arm around me, me leaning on him thing as the first time, except a bit more...well.

But here's the thing - now (Friday) he's being all cold and whatnot. Like, hardly talking to me and telling me how he hates to spend too much time with one person because he starts to get annoyed with them and how he thinks he'll never get married because the prospect of spending his whole life with someone seems boring or something of the sort.

So I ask you all - what gives? How can someone go from sweet and caring and whatnot to "If I spend too much time around someone, I don't like them anymore."

I'm horribly confused about the whole thing, and, on top of this, I'm having a pretty rotten week. So much so that all I've eaten in the past two days is a piece of toast, a tiny muffin, and a 1/4 cup of mac and cheese, because I can't stomach anything else...

How are all of you doing?

(Okay, I realize this sounds extremely "high school" and I'm not proud of that. But I'm legitimately confused, to the point where I'm tempted to say "Screw it, I'm taking a break from caring.")

Shelter Love: Stories from Inside the Animal Shelter

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I have a book! Well, technically I have over 50 of them, stashed away, waiting for people or order =D

The website is up and running and if you're interested in buying one of my books, PayPal is set up!

And now, the link:


In other news, classes are back in full swing. I'm taking Italian this semester, so if I randomly burst into a foreign language, that'll be the one. Not that I'm expecting that to happen, but still..

How are all of you?

Yay Thunder!

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Second blog post in less than 6 months? o.O Woot!

As for the title, I've been enjoying thunderstorms lately. We had a doozy last night, and it sounds like another one is rolling in.

Yep, definitely rolling in...

We've almost got my book ready to sell online! We just need to set up PayPal and then the site will be ready to be spread all over teh interwebs. I gave 9 to the shelter to sell (to see how they'd go over) and the director sold all 9 in one day! She has 10 more people wanting them, and she hasn't even started selling it to the public yet. Yay!

The only problem with this is that now she (and my parents) want me to promote my book. This includes an interview on the shelter's online radio station as well as an interview with a local news station. My previous experiences (only 3) with being on TV haven't gone quite as I would have hoped.

In other words, I dunwanna.

Also, I think I may have just diagnosed myself with Avoidant Personality Disorder. Go me!

How's everyone else doing?

Wandering back in after an extended absence...

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Well well well... It's been a while! How's everybody doing?

I'm running low on blogging topics, which is why I haven't blogged in so long!

Oh! I'm self-publishing a book about the shelter! I'm excited about it.. I should be getting the proof before Thursday and then I order 100 copies.. I'll link ya to Amazon once I get them listed there.. haha

I fostered pups again this summer. Two little shepherd mix brothers - Odin and Loki. We brought them back to the shelter on June 10 and Loki got adopted a couple days later, but Odin is still there. He bit a customer once (he's a puppy - they bite - but the customer apparently doesn't realize that..) so he was taken for rabies watch. Now he's got mange on his head. Ordinarily the shelter doesn't treat mange, but they have a little extra medicine from another dog with mange, so they're going to use it for him. I'm so relieved they're going to try to save him!

Here they are the first day we had them - Odin is the brown one and Loki is the black and tan boy.

Odin and Loki