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Random Thoughts

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Long time since my last Blog entry, lots of things happening, no real idea what to say. First off, I am still celebrating the Colts win in the Superbowl, it was a great game and I was all crazy during the game, you can check my personal review of the game at my new union here. Speaking of which, I haven't had much time to treat and post as much info as I want/have, I want it to grow and be a good union but school and work are taking most of my time, if you are reading this are not a member yet I ask you to join, we accept fans from any team and I will try and keep it interesting for everyone. Though weeks ahead as the semester is in the time where the final tests and projects are coming every week, I will really have to study and work harder but its an every semester thing. I have been getting more and more involved into fantasy football leagues, I am not that experienced but this season I will be playing with some top dogs, this thing is becoming my substitute to video games as I barely play them anymore, mostly because right now I cant afford a new console (and a computer upgrade is a far thing for now) and I find it pretty fun even if its just sitting and reading all that you can about almost every player in the league. Oh by the way, coming from my last blog entry, my local baseball team won the mexican league as I said and went to the "World Series of the Caribean" against the champions of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, sadly they got owned and ended in the last place with a 1-5 record, I was not expecting them to win but I can say it was disappointing how bad the looked. Random thoughts, sorry if you read all this, it was not worth it. Oscar

Great Sports Time

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Finally, after several frustrating years, both my local baseball team in the Mexican league of the pacific and the Indianapolis Colts are in the finals Being from Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico, baseball is almost like a religion and the "naranjeros" are the best team in the winter professional league here in Mexico, and of course I have been a die hard fan of them since, well ever. This is a small league with only 8 teams, but is the best baseball played in the country as we get to see players from A,AA,AAA and even the MLB as its a good place for them to show up for the MLB scouts. Well, this season my team finally made it and won their 14th championship after beating 4 games to nothing the 2 straight champions "venados de mazatlan", in what was a great series, I cant tell how happy I am, its been 6 season since I saw them win the league and now they did it being the best team all season long, I went to every playoff game here in my city, and if it wasnt for work I would have gone to at least a couple of games on the road but see them winning here was the best for me. I am also a die hard Colts fan for more than 12 years now, its the first team I followed when I started to watch the NFL and had no idea what was the game about, and now after several frustrating seasons, the Colts are in the SB, cant wait for the weekend, I have everything ready for it to be a good day, I can only hope the Colts take the last and final big step by beating up the Bears, cant wait for that game. The only downside of this time is the fact that tomorrow I go back to school, frankly I dont want to wait and I am counting the days until I graduate (18 months from now), I want to work full time and not worry about homeworks and stuff, even if full time work is tougher, I just need to get out of school. Well, thats it for now, waiting for the SB and a not so bad semester.