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Considering how "last gen" the "new gen" consoles are, I'm not surprised that more are giving PC's a go. Also PC gaming is cheaper these days, better game prices, better sales, no extra monthly charges and a open platform. My PC cost me around $600 to put together and should last me through this console cycle, I might get a new card in in 4 years or so since some developers make PC first games that require much more juice then console ports.

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Yea, it's not that useful for me at least. Used to be able to look at the top games by platform on the front page, now it's just a handful of all platform games. Also why get rid of the easily browsable upcoming games by week section and replace it with what looks like random games listing?

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Yea, pretty much the same for me as the op. The thing that always ticked me off about this company is that they released their games with some terrible bugs and instead of fixing them, they would announce an expension to grab more cash. Baasically the community was left to fix their games.

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Well Europeans seem to be the cannon fodder in these games. Even when the Byzantines were defending themselves and got slaughtered by the Ottomans the Ottomans were made out to be the good guys(except for the ones of European origin who you got to slaughter in droves), ya know Ubisoft is multicultural and all that(aka needs to kiss Islams rear). Dont worry though I'm sure you will kill plenty colonists as well, they have Euro origins.

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I'll believe it when I see it. Rockstar is notorious for doing horrible PC ports. I would go xbox or at least wait for reviews. Also considering their specs this may look incredibly brilliant with high res textures everywhere or just really badly optimized like their other PC releases. O yea, and then there is the question of what DRM is used.

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I enjoyed the game enough, but it was shallow, no personality characters, to many fedex quests and writing is the usual token Bethesda quality. But in the end especially with mods the game is a good deal of fun just to screw around in.

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Have been boycotting it for years, this is a special year though. A NATIONAL championship, without having to play nationally. Brilliant!