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yeah im in minneapolis

yeah i drove down to my cousins and am crashing there til monday.......minneapolis is so awsome , to many cars and traffic little accident about a mile in front of me cost about 2 hours of waiting til i got past it........yeah thats all i got to say for the moment

man i want a psp now

right when i heard about the new MGS: covert ops for the psp i wanted one. i truely hope they make some sort of MGS game for the DS. I also saw they are making a Death Jr. for DS. But anyway i bought MGS3 subsistence yesterday and man, the secret theatre is hilarious. My friend bought so much stuff yesterday: 1.Home Movies V4 2. Viva La Bam V4  3.The Venture Bros V1 4.Beavis and Butthead V2 5.Daxter(PSP) 6.MGS a digital comic book

it w00t i bought guitar hero

and im loving it.....i dont even know how im not playing it right this moment. To anyone questioning about wether they should buy it or not just get it. So has there been any updates for the waiting for the white one to come to the US (its supposed to be even smaller and a bunch of other stuff) i might just import it or something even.Im more of a DS guy myself ill put my info in this and in my sig after a while

i got all the ATHF seasons

yes i finally have all of them but im going to go watch seinfeld and listen to AFI(great band). HMMMM...ive been on alot today and i wonder how much im going to lvl up. oh wait i also found TWO pairs of oakly sunglasses on the ground and in a tree. both bairly scratched. unbelievable day today was. GTG

god i hate school

man we have like 1 more week and all my teachers are **** give you like 3 days to study for finals which piss me off cuz youll pass like 2 and fail 5 of the other ones. than you pretty much fail and have to go to those classes again next year. but its better since i got a new washburn maverick guitar which i guess costs like 800$ but i payed 120 used for it so im happy