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AWESOME and serious RPG

If the tittle itself made you interested in what this is about then you won't be disappointed. For all you RPG fans out there, all the Gmod players tired of DarkRP, all you players looking for other people like you, who can take Role-playing seriously and still have fun. Well, I have stumbled upon the holy grail of this. It is a multilayer server on the PC up to 65 players at once Called CityLiferpg. This game is a MOD biased off of the game ARMA 2 and ARMA: OA. the realism, graphics, and creativity is mind blowing. You can have jobs like Repo, fisherman, EMT, Police, Pro Criminal, Pilot, Taxi driver, Bus Driver, Firefighter, Drug Dealer, Factory worker, racer, and more! I was surprised on what all you can do! You can make your own buildings, and start your own business. You have a house, car, pistol, and need a licence for all of these. This game isn't in any way hard just pure fun and realistic. The more people are on the better. You can look up some videos on it on youtube ((search CityLife rpg)). They aren't anything special, but I am currently starting a movie making business so better videos will be up soon. I found it incredibly hard to find this game, so I thought I would let all of you know what your mission out on. I haven't even scratched the surface of this game or by explaining it to you. The map is huge, beautiful, everyone there is nice, admins are very helpful and cool. No Complaints here.

To get this game you will need ARMA II and ARMA OA. I know that for direct download on Amazon ARMA OA is 10 dollars. Now would you put aside 10 dollars for this mind blowing game or 2 to 3 meals at McDonald's? when you think it through you know its worth it. I suggest going to this site Cityliferpg.com and it will tell you everything you need in their forms and you can look into it more.

P.S when you get ARMA you can play on tons of fun Zombie servers, TDM servers, and more servers that are also great fun. So your paying little money for literally hundreds of games. Check it out, thanks. Keep bumped or ask questions