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Sooooooooo happy they are going back to serious/darker story unlike FFA. Hoping it will have a darker story than deadlocked! Finally NEW weapons that the developers put time into!

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I'm pretty sure Kaz said they would be supporting for the "10 year life cycle". Just like the PS3 and PSP.

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Wasn't there a rumor that the PS3 instant game collection was going to have a major update? Removing all the games that have been there since last E3? LBP 2,Infamous 2, Ratchet all for one... etc? Meaning we would be getting half a dozen new games in the upcoming month(plus that actually month's content! Overwhelming!)?

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One thing that pisses me off is that every time the Playstation Blog is updated with new titles for the week someone always comments at the top about Spyro and Crash on Vita. Yet it never happens.

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We are on the same boat.

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lovley my code wont work did the 20 dollar credit go through for all of u so far?

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i got one so far just now how can i view the status of my other one?

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Any of you played this yet? I really wanna play another JRPG and im not picky about the style or gameplay.

However is the story ignorable or does it at least grip you to get you through one play through?

How much of the game dialogue is spoken in english?

What is "plus"? all i've seen is extra costumes?

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wow... at least make sure your "I" is a capital letter and that you spell awesome correct... didn't even get fooled for 5 seconds...

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yep still waiting! think its only been wat? 4 weeks? I think it said 4-8 weeks though.