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I'm trying to install Madden '08 and I keep getting an error message indicating that I need to install directx 9.0c in order to install the game. I ran dxdiag and I have directx 9.0c installed. I updated the drivers for my video card (Nvidia 7900 GT) and reinstalled directx 9.0c and I still get the same error message. What else do I need to do in order to get this game to play on my PC? Am I just going to have to purchase a new video card? The one I have isn't even 2 years old yet!
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Does anyone know how to get iTunes songs into Media Player? I have a friend that recently got a V Cast mobile phone. She has iTunes on her computer, however, V Cast requires Media Player for songs. Media Player took all the other songs on the computer and automatically transferred them to the library, however, the songs on iTunes aren't there. Is there some conflict with Media Player and iTunes? Is there any way to get the iTunes songs onto Media Player? She tried to burn the iTunes songs onto a CD and then have Media Player download the CD but that didn't work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've build custom PCs for gaming with both. In my opinion, AMD is better.
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when i'm able to play, usually no less then 2 hours.

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Good thing he's fast, he'll need that skill in prison. ;)
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I just bought a DS and Mario Kart about a month ago. I'm not bored with it and I've finished everything on it. I guess I'm a little different, I usually never get bored with games.
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Thought black does have it's problems with fingerprints, it looks much nicer then the current white (shows dirt worse then the fingerprint issue) and pink (same as white with the dirt issue). I'll take the fingerprints over dirt marks any day, but that's just me.
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stop posting your problems, there is a much easier way to fix your problem


For you: leave. No one's holding a gun to your head to be here or to read any posts.

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I'm looking into getting a PSP for games only. Is 256MB memory enough for gaming only? If not, what would be good?

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 Was a gift from a friend.  I told them NEVER to buy me a game without asking after that.