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Ok, I will start updating the forum right now for all of you guys... It's been long overdue update and I haven't felt to need to dust off my PSP until now.

Sorry everyone, I'll get to work. *Starts getting chained to the desk* :P

*EDIT* Sorry, this will have to wait a day. I'm having major computer issues regarding both my keyboard and mouse. I'll get straight on it in the morning tomorrow...

*EDIT 2* I updated the official theme section with all new themes, pictures, firmware updates, ect... I will be updating the non official section tomorrow, if I have time. Sorry for the delay. Both my Enter key and Shift key are now gone from my keyboard and are currently being replaced by two tiny red screwdrivers. :P

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How do I put them on my PSP?Haligonian_Wii

Read the front page of this forum, it's in big red letters. :P

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wow the CC FVII theme still isnt working..oh well...ElPersonaVII

I want that Crisis Core theme. Anybody know if there are any MGS, DMC or FFVII themes?Roman_Irishman

Yea does anyone have a working link to these themes? Ive waited days now and they dont work :(ElPersonaVII

Here you go everyone. You can use this link until I get everything in working order. Sorry for the inconvenience. :|

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hi...m just curious about thenew threads you are sharing...can u help me update my gadget with the new firmware and all?

nice themes too...i wana have some of those..hehehe...


NOTE: This user has been banned. So no.

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Is it still under warranty by Sony or where you bought it?
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damn the CCFFVII one looks like its down..i really want that one :(ElPersonaVII

Yeah, it seems that all official themes are temporally down at the moment. They should be back up shortly. ;)

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HI, On the other download I saw Go Messenger. I updated the system but I don't see Go messenger on the psp ? Why is that ?coop_1717
Yes. I went to options on the psp system and clicked update, as I have wireless Internet. Also why doesen't the theme links work?coop_1717

I believe that I've figured it all out...

You updated your PSP using the network update option, didn't you? If so, you update using an American version of the update.

However, if you were to have updated it using the European version (Provided on front page of this forum), which is 100% identical to the US copy. You'd have the Go Messenger. This because in the UK, the downloadable versions of these updates are nearly always launched first. So many sites put them up instead because some don't have WiFi in their house.

Updating using the European version doesn't effect your PSP. It only unlocks more features unavailable to most US customers.


As for the themes, the provider has been having trouble hosting so many with this amount of traffic from GameSpot. They should be back up shorty.

So sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

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there anyway to change a ps3 theme into a psp theme? Kouchouni

Not as of right now. There is no converter for PS3 to PSP themes.

But if you did make the theme on your own, and still had all of the images used in it. Then yes, you'd just have to make the theme all over again.

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Have you updated your PSP to firmware update 3.93? (Provided on front page of this forum)
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*Forums has been updated.

- Mega New Official Themes

- 28 New Custom Themes

- New downloadable 3.93 Firmware Update

Check front page for more details.