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It's Almost Finished!

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My god, I found out today that I can't speak worth a damn. I mean really, I deleted nearly 25 minutes of footage with me just trying to do a 10 minute video. I will upload it as soon as GameSpot's video player will let me upload without giving me an error about not being able to find some weird line of code.

By the way, this is probably the worst video I've ever made. They will get better as they go on and change drastically. This was just such a rushed job in both editing and acting I can't even exempt myself from it. Other than the game intro which I made in half an hour, everything else was just one bad thing after another.

But in the mean time, here's the best preview EVER! :P
[spoiler]            [/spoiler]    

So where should I put it in?

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Giggity giggity goo!

I'm talking about a "What would you rather see" video you pervs.:P

So really, what would you rather see in my house?

A. My Room (Including my upstairs gaming collection)

B. My Computer (Including my favorite websites)

C. The Bathroom (Including my Hello Kitty toothbrush holder)

D. The view from my window (Including my driveway!!!!) - I know, awesome!

The answer with the most votes by the 21st of August wins. And I'll have to post a video of said answers agreement.

Have fun!

10,000+ Views Per Month? WOW

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It's been a while since I've posted anything else other than another unboxing blog. But I just decided to check up my stats for some of the websites I use on a day to day basis, and I came across it little shocker...

Just look at how many Photobucket views I receive per month! Almost 11,000!!! I was expecting it to be around the 500 to 600 range. But I never knew how many pictures I have posted around the web with forums, blogs, icons, wallpapers, banners, ect... If you simply load my profile, you'll notice how I use just about everything uploaded to Photobucket instead of Imageshack or another serves. Mainly because I like to have my images stick around for longer than 90 days. But I didn't notice how it effects my view count. This is just mid August for Pete's sake!

I'm really needing to cut this short, I was planing on posting a nice blog on what you'd rather see of my life. In VIDEO FORM!!!!

But It's a little late for that now. No no, that doesn't mean that I wont do it. It's just the fact that it's pich black outside and I like to have some natural light in my room before filming. Damn you florescent bulbs!

Damn youuuuuu!!! :x

MGS4 (Unboxing and Launch)

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I've been holding off on doing this blog since about 3AM on the 12th of this month on the train back from New York's Grand Central Station. Yes I was indeed at the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch, in Time Square, all day long (Since 9AM) waiting in line for the game to be finally released to those uncomfortably energetic little kids in line since the day before. :o

So just to clear things up... Seeing as the pictures aren't entirely clear (Camera Phone). I received autographs from both Hideo Kojima & Yumi Kikuchi (A.K.A. "Raging Raven").

Want some of those pictures I always like to post? Sure...

Both autographs...

Hideo's autograph... Blurry, I know

Yumi (Left) Hideo (Right)

Now that was the copy I bought at launch...

At the Virgin Mega Store...

At midnight...

Where I was nearly stampeded by 300 Spartans...

I mean FANS!


*Time Paradox!*

I had a special package arrived nearly a month ago. In said package was a bonus DVD with a nice little series retrospective and a key to join the Metal Gear Online Beta. The DVD was a good watch, for 20 minutes... Mkay?

...Seeing as I wasn't going to even touch that autographed disc again for another 10 years (Sealed in glass) I had to buy another copy of the game to actually enjoy and play, eventually. So I might of aswell bought a copy of the special edition of the game. Which is what I did!

Now this was the true reason behind why I had to delay this blog for so long. My package got lost twice in the mail, bent, crushed, and drenched in water... Thank god it was sealed in bubble rap! It arrived around 1PM today, in the cramped little mailbox down the driveway. And NOT at the front door like it was supposed too! Thanks a lot UPS!!! I'll be sure to use Fedex next time... :evil:

Shipped on the 10th :D

Arrived on the 20th - :evil:

Oh yeah, that special edition of the game I bought...

Nice looking packaging huh? :roll:

Nice and bent. Just like how I like it... Not!

This book currently resides beneath 3 dictionary's, 5 Harry Potter books, and 1 copy of The Lord of the Rings never returned to the library.

Soon this will be fixed. :|

Nice Aluminum front...

Paper background, now removed to reveal the contents of the packaging...

HELLO!!! :D :D :D

Nice and clean...

Bonus disc...

A nice little spoiler warning label...

Making of Blu-Ray DVD/Offical Soundtrack CD...

Captain Blurriness to the rescue!

So there you have it, $160 in games and $200 in travel fees and I'm a happy little camper...

Wait a second! I forgot this freebie I got while waiting in line for Metal Gear Solid 4...

The Love Guru T-Shirt!!!

Frequency code lost! Ending transmission...

Starting To Steal Cars Again...

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No, not in real life, but in the infamous city from Grand Theft Auto IV. Liberty City, for all of you who didn't know that already. Tisk... Tisk... :P

I'm not going to make a huge deal about this and start going on and on about how good the game is or how which console version is better than the other. So I'll make it quick a post with a few pictures so I can get back into the game. Oh yeah, I ordered it from Amazon.com which they happily gave me a special bonus with my order. A Liberty City licence plate. Oh yeah, want the pictures right?

Sorry for the blurriness or censorship of some of the images. I'd rather keep my home address hidden for obvious reasons. And also my hand was a tad shaky from excitement. :P

Have fun with it guys, and enjoy your copy if you got one. :D

She Came Back to Me! + Another Game!

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No no no I'm not going to start referring about a random person in my life.

This isn't Myspace. Seeing the fact that this is a semi large banner saying "GameSpot" on it and you can also tell by the Orange background with a **** load of emblems in my profile. Thankfully, don't have a Myspace. *Whipes forehead*

This is just a simple blog about the fact that my Outlier emblem has finally returned to my profile after a very long absence.

Though granted, there isn't much can be said after this point...

Wait, what's is this? Another game?

What did I buy this time? Oops :P

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Yep, this time a game from Sega. Ok, I'll bite this time. After looking at the sequel's gameplay improvements in full HD. Like the first one, it started to grow on me after a while. I wanted this to be as my first 360 game I had bought for the launch of the Xbox 360. Yes, the achievements in the game are a little bit on the hard side. But hey, I don't really go for them most of the time. Hence the only 180 achievements in my gamercard

Well anyway, I just had to pick it up. At least before the sequal came out. By the way, it was used sadly. But the same goes for Dead Rising. Sure the second game in this 'Series' is coming out tomorrow. And sure, there is the probable chance that I'll not be going to play this game for a while. But still, it'll still do it in this case. Just adding to my collection of next gen games. :?

Zombies are eating my brain!!!

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Some of my most watched movies come from the horror film genera.

Night of the Living Dead

The Evil Dead (Parts I, II, and III)


The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Ok maybe not that last one. But still, there are countless films that many people wont even see in their lifetime. :?

However, when you come to think of it... There are very few horror video games being put out compaired to the movie industry. You know, not including the 200 sequels of a game. Or the "Trilogy" that follow just about each series that Capcom puts out. Just look at it, there are very few games that I actually do enjoy and are successful at the same time. Sure there is Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Plus A few games that come and go each and every year like Condemned or "Technically" Bioshock. Which IS a great title. But they never truly last more then a few months or so, just a quick period for them to sell and that's it. Here they go into the bargain bin for most game stores like EBgames or FYE.

Don't get me wrong. I love those high quality titles that they do the right thing for. But there are the series that major companies are just putting out each and ever year just to saturate the market with crap most of the time. Resident Evil 4 was, in my option, the high point of their creative status at Capcom. Just about everything felt right in that game. The weapons, gameplay, characters, action, and even thrills just about every 20 minutes or so that will make people jump out of their seat in rare occasions. Even the boss fights were pretty well balanced and were fantastic to enjoy over and over again. But there have been 5 "Official" ports of the game though. Isn't that enough "Over and over" for most people?

Let's count shall we?

Resident Evil 4 - GameCube (1/11/05)

Resident Evil 4 - Playstation 2 (10/25/05)

Resident Evil 4 - PC (5/15/07)

Resident Evil 4 - Wii (6/19/07)

Resident Evil 4 - Mobile Phone (TBA)

Sure that's about it in the successive sense of this story, according to Capcom that is. A good franchise being milked sadly. :(


Oh right, the title of the blog doesn't actually have to do with the sort pointless sum-up of all thing RE4 title ports to each console known to man. Or so it seems...

Anyway. it's about time of the year that I decide to go finally outside of my dark cave-like area I call "my room" and actually buy something for once.

But what to buy? [spoiler] [/spoiler]

70+ hours of both pure zombie disembowelment joy and the Xbox 360's HD graphical achievements that will soon come with it.


Well I'm off for the night. Going to watch Hot Fuzz for the first time since I rented it on DVD like a year ago from Blockbuster. ;)

Have a great night everyone!

New Emblem, Simi-Lost Emblem, Failed Emblems

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Well this has been a week of both accomplishments and failures in the emblem world. So let's get started...

New Emblem

A craving for speed!
This enthusiastic Forza Motorsports 2 driver played against 191 others in GameSpot's Driven to Win tournament.

Comments: Thank god for my holiday bundle Xbox 360 which came with a duel case including Forza Motorsport 2 and Marve: Ultimate Alliance inside it. Also, this is actually my 45th emblem to be added in my profile. But you can look down another emblem post to see why I only currently have 44 in my profile.


Simi-lost Emblem

Outlier. For consistently going against the grain. Public opinion means nothing to the outlier, whose opinions frequently, if not usually, fly in the face of everybody else's. Either the outlier is crazy or everyone else is, and the outlier is pretty sure it's not the former of the two.

Comments: Due to a select GameSpot emblem code glitch. Instead of this emblem going away for a day or so, it'l go for nearly 2 weeks at a time. But it shall return!!!


Not even going to try and write another fake description.

Comments: Well this would make it to be nearly impossible for me to get seeing the fact that I do live in the USA rather than Australia.


Be on the lookout for short and pointless blog post about my recent general media purchases and what you'll be expecting next in a few future blogs, updating you on things going on with my life and this profile.

There is even the possibility of a true Vlog in the making. If you behave yourself. :P

New Level...

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It's amazing! Here I thought that it would take me a while to get out of these levels of 30 to 40. It's actually pretty fast to go through.

It's almost like it speeds up the level process once you've reached a little bit past 50% of the level.:shock:


Level 31: Ippon!

A reference to Karate Champ, possibly the first arcade martial-arts game. As a side note, I used to kick ass at that game. That charging bull didn't stand a chance against my mighty spinning back kick.

Per-Day: 4.10% (Compared to 4.24% in lvl 30)

Total Level Time: 24 days (Same as lvl 30)

New Emblem - Scavenator?

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Emblems - 44th (My Outlier emblem is currently glitched right now)

Rows - 8th

Well this is an honest surprise for me. The game was pretty fun to play if you wanted a small bit challenge added to your life. But I never thought that GameSpot would ever release this emblem due to so many employee contracts being terminated by CNET.

Anyway, thanks to Don for finally getting this emblem out into the world.


What does this button do?
Bearers of this emblem managed to complete the Scavenator session of September '07 with some impressive times. Live long and scavenate!