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Am i the only one who is yet to get an xbox360 or ps3??!

when i got my ps2 i was quite happy, elated even :D..however as the days flew by,as i engaged in all the games that i wished i had,slowly it became clear that new titles were not forthcoming...

so now im left with a craving for something new,an xbox,ps3 or both..

its understandable that for game developers its expensive to come out with new stuff fora system as old as ps2, but please somebody throw something down our way for those of us yet to change.:cry:

well, there is always the option for upgrading my pc, but that is sooo bloody expensive, id rather save up for a new console.

till that day, :( :cry:

A level up

a level up,but not exaclty worth celebrating...been stuck on the same rut for a while now...guess i should start logging in more often

IT'S been a while

Its been such a long while since i really checked into gamespot,and it became such a lovely suprise to find the new look gs, am still working my way around it trying to take in everything...haven,t also been in toudh with all my friends,how are you all?i apologise,il try check each and everyone of you find out how you all are...

glitch/malfunction in GS

so yesterday i logged onto the net with so much psyke to see whats new in GS..and it was dissapointment that i had to be content with. i could not be able to log into my user profile..i don't know if it was a phenomena that affected everyone or it was just me?!!!

Easter greetings!!!

another year and the bunnies and eggs come out to play.the weekend sees easter here with us again..for me that means plenty of sun and sand as il be heading off to our coastal city(Mombasa).don't mean to brag but we got white beaches,among the very few coastlines that do.

anyway apart from the holiday bit of it,easter still has a lot of religious significance with lots of people world over.

so, however you will be celebrating this easter,do enjoy yourself.

how will you be celebrating this holiday/holyday?

First anniversary, level 10

its my first anniversary on gamespot(actually passed it by a coouple of weeks)..its been a great one year at gamespot,what started as a bit of fun is now a constant addiction...made a whole bunch of friends..

and ive made level 10,i know its supposed to come with an extra advantage,but cant quite recall what that was

new emblem, first blog of the year and such

first got this emblem,adds to my very limited collection so im obviously overjoyed.

well this is my very first blog for this year.so a belated happy new year to everyone!!

a lot has happened since the close of the year..in my country more so. my country(kenya) has been rocked by bursts of violence for the better part of this new year. this unfourtunately has hit on the tyme i can be on gamespot.but at least im breathing

back to gaming, finally got my hands on the hitman games. currently on hitman2 silent assasin, gotta say its really impressed me cant wait to clear it and get on to the next one. id always snubbed it, so when i first saw the previews for the movie i decided to check which game was this that was jumping onto the big screen.

on the hitman movie,at least it wasn't a dissapointment, i wouldn't give it movie of the year but still it was good.

well,looking forward to what the gaming industry has to offer us this year

going up!!

finally gone up another level, now at level 9(cheers, shouts of joy, and a self pat on the back):D

i know its not much, im still way down there but since i dont get to spend that much time per session on the net, im feeling pretty good about it.

yet to fix the banner, but nothing much to fret about,just a bit of my name that got cut off.

new banner

finally have a banner on my profile....its basically a representation of the games ive come to love and those that i feel have had an impact on gaming..

my thanks to dark_prince2007, who desinged it.......check out his profile he's got really good sigs, very many also

prince, dedication

so for those of you who have ever taken a look at my blogs you might have noticed am a fan of the prince of persia trilogy, ubisoft really outdid themselves on the three games...so here is a little something something

thats two thrones, now warrior within

finally the starter of it all: the sands of time

absolute fan.....did you know there is a movie planned out for release??

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