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I'm back.

After 2 years of non-gaming, i'm back in the game, only now my 360 is dead......Hi to all again`!

Getting ready for E3

Well E3 is coming fast, and as gamers, we must get ready. I'm planning on watching the big 3 (M,S and N), with popcorn, a good coke, and a heart filled with the hope that we will see plenty of good gaming news. For Sony, news on the PSP Go and some information about the rumoured PS3 slim (confirm if it is real or not). For Microsoft, their new motion sensing technology that is supposed to change gaming forever. And for Nintendo, well, just as long as it's not as bad as last year's E3 presentation, I'll be satisfied. And who knows, maybe E3 will go back to it's glory days and won't be as dull as it was for the last 3-4 years or so. What are you excited about?


I just got my 4 wisdom teeth taken out. It hurts like hell. Good news is I'm missing school today so I'll be able to play some games. I'm optimistic I guess!

Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup?

Yesterday, the Boston Bruins beat the Canadiens with a score of 4-2. This marks the beginning of the legendary playoffs fight between the Habs and the Bruins. Even though I`m from Montreal, the Bruins have always been my favourite team. I hope they are going to get a good shot at the Stanley Cup. The Mighty Detroit Red Wings are doing very good, as always. It would be my dream to see them battle against Boston in the playoffs. Who do you think will win?

I'm BS.

So GameSpot AU released an article about videogame addiction. I'm angry as hell. All of this is a myth. Videogame addiction was invented by a bunch of congressman who'd like to ban videogames. It's like saying that people get addicted to movies.It doesn't make any sense. They refer to it as if it were a mental illness. I suffer from OCD..THAT`S a mental illness...not videogames. There's always a group of weak people who abuse of everything in this world. I'm sure I'm not the only person that is sick of hearing this. Videogames are a passion and a hobby. Nothing more.

iPod that talks

This week, Apple announced that they would be releasing the new iPod shuffle....that talks. Instead of just putting a little screen onto the device itself to show you what is playing or to help you select desired songs, Apple decided that instead, by the push of a button, you would hear the name of the song and would be able to scroll and select songs using this new technique...that Apple calls VoiceOver. I have taken the virtual tour on Apple`s website, and this new feature looks overly complicated for nothing. Furthermore, the ``Microsoft Sam`` kind of voice that this iPod uses is sometimes very hard to comprehend, and pronounces things in a very robotic-like fashion. You all have the rights to your opinions, but I think this is a bad idea. And if I didn`t already have an iPod, or was in the market for a new mp3 player, the new iPod shuffle would be my last choice. I know that Apple is an innovative company that likes to try new things...but this is just pushing it. Other than that the shuffle`s new design is very cool and looks very good. But I still think it`s a bad idea.

Check it out!

Windows 7 and the short life of Vista

Well, it`s on folks. Windows 7 open beta is finally out. Not that I`m excited about it. I can`t help but to feel betrayed by Microsoft. Vista has been out for about two years, and so far, it`s been riddled with problems. And it seems that the ``Mojave Experiment``* didn`t really help to give Vista a boost. On the day it came out, I went to Best Buy and spent 300 of my very precious dollars to get it. 2 years after that, (Windows XP lasted about 7 years), there is another one coming out. Some websites have been speculating that Windows 7 will be offered for free, as an update, to current Vista users. Now this better be true, or I`m running to the nearest Best Buy and Im getting myself a Mac. I hate to have to say this because I love Microsoft, but ever since Bill Gates stepped down as CEO around 2000 to dedicate himself to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, things at Microsoft have been a little unstable. On another note, I sure hope that Windows 7 fixes most of the problems I am experiencing and that it turns out ok. And it better be available for free!

*Go to Wikipedia to find out what it is.

Netflix Complications

I live in Canada. With that being said, some of you may not know but Netflix is not authorized outside the U.S. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have a father that happens to live in the U.S. and as a result, was lucky enough to be able to purchase an American Xbox 360 and to have a credit card that belongs to an American. So,I was able to get Netflix on my 360, but not without some annoying problems. Every to time I log in to my Netflix account on the internet, I have to use a proxy bypass to be able to make a selection of the movies I want to view on my 360, because Netflix detects that I am using a Canadian internet connection. Obviously, this makes for more troubles. Proxy bypassers often operate on different servers and do not allow JavaScript (For the most part, and if they do it is full of glitches) to operate, which makes for many mistakes and mistrials when I load up my Netflix account. And finally, after many trials, I am able to watch movies I have selected on my 360. But, of course, I will never be able to get movies in the mail. After doing some research on the internet, I found that Netflix had tried to cross over to Canada, but had been blocked by the CRTC (A government agency that regulates entertainement mediums such as television and radio. Sort of like the FCC) and were forbiden to operate in Canada. The CRTC later justified themselves by claiming that they wanted to ``preserve the integrity of Canadian film-makers and protect industries revolving around the sale and rental of movies.``What a bunch of baloney. How many Canadian-made films have you seen. I myself live there and I`ve seen about 2. Which brings me to my final question. Are you sick of the government regulating your entertainement? In Canada, much like in the U.S. I can purchase a gun when I am 18, but I can`t even buy a freakin` rated M game without being 17 and showing some I.D. Nothing they do seems to make sense. Are you as pissed as I am about them?

My top ten 2008 games

Well, it`s the end of yet another exciting gaming year. For me, it`s all come down to these ten games. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a new year full of great games.

(....)= System I played it on

10. Dead Space

9. Call of Duty: World at War (X360)

8. Brothers in Arms: Hell`s Highway (X360)

7. FarCry 2 (X360)

6. Gears of War 2 (X360)

5. LittleBigPlanet (PS3)

4. Left 4 Dead (X360)

3. Grand Theft Auto IV (X360)

2. Fallout 3 (X360)

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

The real gamer

I'm a gamer. Why? Partly because when I'm not locked in my room playing games, I'm glued to my computer researching information about them and expressing my opinions about certain situations relating to the gaming industry. And there's one question that's never swept away from my mind. What makes a real gamer? Is it the one who plays games, is it the one who's just simply interested by them and it's industry, or is it the one that does both? I'm 17 years old, and already so my friends call me the ­­Game Library. Not because I play a lot of them, but because you can ask me any question from who made a certain game to how well it scored to what engine they used to make it, and i'll answer you with pride and glory. Now I'm not here to brag. My other friend, who i'll just call Tony, plays a bunchload of games and my friends wouldn't dare calling him a gamer. Now why is that? Just because he doesn't know much about the demography of games, that doesn't make him a non-gamer. Personally, I praise myself on being a gamer because I follow the industry and it's every move. I don't play that many of them. I'm just fascinated about everything that surrounds them. Some other people I know call themselves gamers because they play a lot of games, but they know nothing about how it got on their closest GameStop storeshelf. And there's the last one. The one people would call a real gamer. The one who plays games and is, at the same time, a gaming encyclopedia. He'll tell you about every game and every game website and every game character, and he has a GamerScore of 300000000000000000G( I like exaggeration, it adds to the dramatic effect). You get the point. As I write this, it's 4 in the morning and I have school tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep in peace. I had to know. What makes a real gamer? What makes a real Catholic orthodox? The one that prays every night or the one that knows the bible by heart? Or the one that does both? Am I a pretender because I don't play that many games? Do I merit the very prestigious status of being called a gamer? So may say yes, some may say no. Some would just bathe in interrogation. So I want to know. What makes a real gamer?

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