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Xbox 360 -the new Xbox

While sony dominated the first Xbox (for my view) , and beeing (then) a huge sony fan , i always thought microsoft need something else to give what already was a very good console , and they did it , in big.

The Xbox360 is a very very rewarding console , the acheivments , the superb (and expansive) XBL , the fun XBA , the very very good interface for MP(markerplace) , friends, clans, messenger , hell what not , microsoft marketing and design did a very good job overall , with nice faceplates and skins(expansive though) the console getting some nice costumize to it fans , with skins\faceplates of GEOW , H3 ,and much more good titles , on top of that , some of the games are good and have quality to the name microsoft have build to themself.

even though there are some big issues on the technical side , the Xbox360 i a very fun and quality console , xbox live interface , community(most of them) , and good unity, really give any gamer a good and not that expansive chance to have fun with gaming at his best.

the problem i have with the X360 , is its games , some of the games , perhaps the developers , are using it (the console) like a ps2\psp console , in graphics , in cut scnenes ,in quality.

the most known games i had a blast but with a bad taste:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance -awesome experience on XBL

Spiderman:FoF -nice game, but the graphical side , and the fighting system is a ps2 port , and its a shame to this console

World Poker 2007: i love this game so bad , it was an upgraded port from the ps2 version , and even in the 2008 the graphics arent the way it used to be....

Burnout Revenge: even though it was a very very good port , i had something left me with bad taste

Test Drive Unlimited: the concept was good , the ammount of cars and missions was very good , but my good , the graphics are bad , same for sound (even though there are some cars that sound good).

now i know , graphics is not all , especially games of hacknslash , beatemup , even 3ps... but this is NEXT GEN ,while games like gears of war , Graw2 , Vegas , Halo3 (could look alot better) , oblivion and some sport games , i really cant see why there are some games that looks so bad, and really making a bad name to the 360...