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So I finally got my first new game in 8 months which is ...


Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Seriosuly what did you think? :D

The game actually is good, the controls feels a bit stiff and hard to get at first, but bit by bit, I am getting better and I am actually entertained, the gfx needed more work tho, I am like 3 hrs into the game and I love it so far.

Currently downloading Dead Nation .... I am intending to get new games whenI get back to Q8 in the summer.

Quick E3 impressions from omho

Hi guys, it's over, happened so fast, and it was painful while it lasted ..... I was full of excitement and big hopes, sucks when they are never met and probabely I should wait for another 3 months at best to hear about other big intresting announcments, so let's get down to business.


Was once a fan, so I am little intrested in their confrenece, just to waste some time, actually. MW3 ...boooo .... Tomb Raider was a wow .... GeOW looked the same as usual, great gfx but the same boring formula of gameplay.

Then Kinect emarges, and I went ZZZZZZ, till I heard Kinect for hardcore, I was revived back but all I saw was reading from screen out loud, that was the most hardcore thing shown for it ..... ZZZZZZZ again, till I heard Crytech, that was really a killer for me .... a kinect game, even the mighty crytech was corrupted by MS, the game doesn't even play anything different aside from move ur hand in any direction to move to the next Lv.

And from kinect stuff to other kinect stuff, stupid kids who were acting like they are having fun ... bla, bla .... the show is over.

Pros: the presentation was very wel done, they have good actors and the demos were good and wel played.

Cons: Everything else ..... I was in pain, and while I was asleep, I was in nightmares.


I am a big Sony fan, being a Sony fan can be thrilling or it can be heart breaking and suicidal sometimes .... I had big hopes, I was waiting for many announcements, but never did they happen.

IMO, Sony had itself torn between many products, talking about PS3, PSN, PSV, Move ...etc was really tough and may be that's why they didn't really meet any of my expectations for any of those.

They announced Dust and sly cooper as new games but for me, they didn't really satisfy me .... they showed a gameplay of U3, it sucked hard, there were no action at all, the same moves and the same everything, then the trailer kicked in, this was one of the highlights ..... U3 trailer: Horses, airplane chasing .... WOOW ... anyway, then they showed R3, the game looked great, however the demo sucked and the player sucked even harder, it was painful seeing that man play ........ then they showed the 3D monitor, I am actually excited for it, it is expensive but it's still bigger than my 23" monitor which doesn't even have HDMI only DVI, so it's a great upgrade for me.

Move stuff ...... PSV, let me tell you, this thing is superb and I am extremely excited for it, the possibilies are limitless, and it's too powerfull for a handheld to believe, and the price is handy ... what really sucked is there was no good presentation for it, they didn't really show up new super cool ideas for it, they could have wooowed up 10 times more if they wanted but I feel like it was rushed, the whole thing.

after PSV, I was 99% certain they would close by announcing the game of the show, a massive exclusive like agent or GOW4 or something like that .... I dun even know what happened .... I just found that Mr. Tretton is gone .... WTF?!!!

Pros: None imo.

Cons: Sony had many trouble to work with this E3

  • the PSN hacking
  • they had too many products to talk about
  • they revealed way too much of their stuff before E3
  • Apparantly the show was rushed, the demos were bad, the players were also bad, the whole presentation wasn't as satisfying as the last year or the year before.

the show was subpar imo with very few surprises.


I dun give a S*** ..... I just noticed few stuff that need mentioning, the 3Ds gfx are just not as good as I thought, they are in the Wii range at most, some of the game were cool tho, Ikurus kid was the best in the show imo.

The WiiU is a very stupid idea, I can never see myself holding that gigantic piece of plastic while playing ... anything ........ they just linked an I pad to a home console ....... sucky .... but I believe just like the Wii, the device will meet success by the help of some gamers.

Back to the boring SW.


3D s***, I never tried it and it already cost me money

So I wasat my friend house and he mentioned something about his pathetic LSD screen doing a 3D movie ... so the gaming expert in me just couldn't handle this and I trashed him and his screen, his reaction was pretty modest ... why couldn't I just shut up?

I went on, "ur screen is cheap useless one, it barely can do HD, 3D TVs or monitors cost thousands on pounds ...bla..bla" .... anyway, I forced him into a bet, 300 pounds from me against 150 piunds from him, yeah I was that sure and stupid!!, after asking some experts, apparantly all screens can do 3D with the right software and glasses, even his pathetic cheap one.

I was like WOOW, I am now questioning my time on SW and GS in general ... how could I lose some pathetic bet like that? I thought I was God in these stuff.

any tips on how to dodge this bet and at least find a hole in this?


I think I am getting more into OT, I never thought I will, but SW recently has become very boring, even the discussions are getting bland and repetitive, the same topics and the same fanboys.

Anyone who agrees?

My first Point Loss !!

I had my first point loss 3 days ago, I have been clean for months now aside from a little incident for which I was suspended, infact I was suspended and then had the point loss while I was suspended, damn late reporting!!! When I think of it, it wasn't really worth the trouble, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut when I should have or control my temper ........... It was over a homosexual debate, I guess I was a little offensive, never knew how sensitive GS towards these issues, now I know :?.

Anyway I dun even know I am posting this, but I really felt angry especially for the 3 day suspension, this is my first moderation in a very long time so why suspension ?! However, it's all cool now, just dun engage homosexual debates anymore :D .

System war rules !!!

i dun mean rules as in dominates or it's the best but the laws SW is using if we can call them laws

1- No one is 100% fair no matter how much he pretends to be, there is always some fanboyism in us.

2- There are alot of smart fanboys who are so clever in hiding their fanboyism, they could be high Lv posters too.

3- In order to get attenstion as early as possible, you have to be a fanboy.

4- Mods are everywhere.

5-There is no place for constructive threads, only fanboy threads get the posts.

6- most of the conversation are the same with alot of repeatition, mostly X360 is great but the PS3 is better when used correctly, the Wii is kiddy, handhelds have no place in SW.

7-There was that thread that TC didn't post in till it was 200+ and yet ppl kept posting.

8- SW is easily provoked with anything.

9- Cows Vs Lemmings war is nothing but rubbish talk, actually i belive those who use these terms are the real fanboys who just want to prove supriority of their point by indicating that he is right and awhole group is worng.

10- This is for the mods, How can you allow using words like "cows", "lemmings" to describe a slice of posters ?

11-Despite all these stuff, SW is extermely addicting and i need to check it out daily but it's not as fun anymore.


12- Dun make enemies on SW, they will hunt you forever, true stroy :D .

My mod history isn't clean anymore.


I tried my best, i tried to keep it clean as long as possible but i guess i couldn't help it, i made two blogs and the two were moderated and deleted. the first was a simple joke, and the other was, well i dun wanna mention it again, i may get moderated for that :D.

Anyway, i have learnt my lesson, no argueing with the mods again, they are always right and if they aren't, well, i will be the one who get hurt anyway :P.

So new page, here we go.

I was about to forget to mention that my suspension was for 1 day but it was lifted after1.5-2 days ... i hope this isn't the normal here :? .