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nercay thanks for your impressions of the game so far , i have a few questions :

1. how are the graphics as compared to the demo ? would you say far better , slightly better or about the same ?

2. is the gameplay the same as the demo or better ( faster , smoother ) ?

3. how is the games soundtrack ? the tunes in the demo were AWESOME especially the track that played during the 1st battle ! do a nice amount of the tracks have spoken lyrics like that ?

4. does the purposely oversaturated colors of limbo get tiresome after a while or do you have precious moments and sections of the game free of this ?

5. do the chapters have nice length or are they more on the average to short side ?

6. are the levels as unique and awesome as the previews make them out to be or are they somewhat overrated ?

THANKS for your time !

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hello forum friends i am right on the verge of deciding to go buy this game tonite at my local 24/7 meijer store but i have a few burning questions that i hope you all can help in answering :

1. how are the graphics and environments ? in the gameplay vids ive seen the graphics and environments both look great but according to pretty much all the reviews ive seen they have been called 'average' and/or bland

2. reviews have complained about excessive cutscenes breaking up the gameplay . is this done in a bad way ala jarring you out of the moment and flow of the game or done in a good way ala max payne 3 ?

3. reviews have complained about gravity gameplay being wonky and hit or miss . is this true or just another case of reviewers not taking the time to get a better feel for the mechanic and being down on the game because they couldnt master the gameplay on their 1st attempt ?

4. if you wanted to could you actually play the game throughout as a typical 3rd person shooter if you dont care for the gravity gameplay ?

5. how long is the campaign and do you spend alot of time on underground levels ( i hope not because while i dont mind an occasional underground level here and there im a true fan of outdoor in the open levels

thanks in advance for the help guys !