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why im sick of GS!!

well first of all the site became a huge stock of hyped fanboys and im getting tired of reading the stupid comments on the consle war (or the wii getting raped marathon) and the stupid stupid so stupid reviews. well in short im getiing off this forsaken rock of fanboy gamers for REAL reviews (which i actully enjoy watching) and real info on games. so good bye and see you well... never i guess.

for real game info check out

some awsome videos

well just some cool videos -first is the very awsome video made by 5LD5 featuring cool games and a very awsome song -this is the amazing paul gilbert well this a video with a very angry little man (not for the feint of heart) - i think thets why they took batman off the air - lord of the rings vs. star wars (may contain hard lenguge)

are you afraid?

i feel like man kind is crossing the line between cuirosity and insanity walking his last steps into is own trap and im not too heppy about it i have to much to live for and so many more years left and this experiment might mess up with my plans

max payne trailer

well today i finaly noticed the max payne "THE MOVIE" trailer and i think i can say at last thet this game based movie will be great and now get out of my blog in to youtube and watch the F-ing trailer

i recomend: red vs blue

hi well two days ago i saw this awsome show (and old 2 apperntly) about the red base and blue base in bloodgulch (halo 1) well its very funny and smart and i love it im alredy in episode 40 (well the longest episode was about 8 minutes) and i cant stop laughing bcus of it its just the greatest internet show i ever saw and i recomend it to all of you guys

dark knight number 1?!

hi well it came to me as a shock today at work this dude who work with me came up to me and told the dark knight is nuber 1 in imdb, well at first i thought the dude was on drugs and the i came home open up imdb and its there dark knight number 1, i was shocked i mean its a great movie but better then the godfather the good the bad and the ugly the matrix well i almost wet my pants and im still shocked and if you dont bealive me check this out yourself

and BTW i have a youtube account (finaly) so feel free to check this out

no more ghost busters

*me crying like a 4 years old* why god why you took this away from us he was just a baby he hed so much potential why o cruel gaming god why did you take this game take some other game not this one please *and now back to the real world* well they cancled ghost busters (and brutal legend) and im pissed off i mean realy pissed off so f*** you activision for throwing away a good game for another call of duty (better make this cod the best or ill go kratos on you guys)

im back

sup im back from italy after 2 weeks i think i hed fun and a lot of beers how r u guys doing?