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Long time no blog Gamespot

Hey there everybody it's Omega-sonic here.

I'm deeply sorry for being absent in the blogging sense for the past 10 months, I've been busy here and there getting January's episodes of The Retro Files sorted, computer failures :(, wordpress blog up and running as well as keeping other communities that I'm in on good terms. All in the while sorting my Youtube channel out with new videos, adding favourites and making friends on there.

So what am I going to do during 2011 you guys ask. Well I'm going to be blogging here from once a fortnight and hopefully start reviewing games once again because of my new purchases. Also I'll be back in part-officer status on Console Generations (I'm not full after my absence but it's my fault for not alerting Garfield360UK effectively). What am I gonna be doing on there now, well I'm gonna hopefully help the team in getting more people into the union and throw more discussion and debating topics in there.

There is going to be one situation where I'll be disappearing for a while after 21st January but I wouldn't let LittleBigPlanet 2 ruin my new blogging patterns and commitments I'm gonna try and make for the site.

See you in 2011 everybody and don't party too hard on New Year's Day.

The trouble with Memory Cards

Hi everyone. Today I'm going to discuss with you about the one thing we all have to cope with when it comes to gaming and that is memory cards.

Before today I knew how important it is for you to have a memory device on your favourite console so you can save your content onto it for later playback or viewing. Well a few hours ago I realised why this was highly important. Take my favourite PS3/PSP title LittleBigPlanet. (pictured below), you start to believe why a storage facility is needed so you can store your created levels and objects onto it.

Ok back in the days of old school gaming some titles did not have battery saving features but instead having you relying on passwords which didn't help if you lost the piece of paper or notepad you wrote the code down on. So when Legend of Zelda came out on the NES in 1987 it was a revolution in game saving because of it was the first game of it's time to include this on a cartridge based console.

The gold was even more awesome

So after that the SNES started using it and so did the Mega Drive/Genesis to the delight of gamers from not having to memorise lengthy passwords to continue their virtual adventures. Later on in 1995 (US, Japan December 1994) we had the Playstation which gave us all the introduction to the humble memory card in which we are talking about here.

I mean don't get me wrong memory cards back then were brilliant and all it had to worry about was reading and writing our virtual escapades down on it's silicon underbelly in a matter of seconds. As time went on all known consoles during the late 90s had memory storage (Playstation, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast) which certainly made gamers all happy.

In 2000 we had the humble PS2 which ultimately depended on the memory card for storing saves because every game had a save function as standard so in turn we saw the 1MB PS1 memory increase to a 8MB to support the titles. Then we had the GameCube withvarying memory card sizes for it's games as well as the original Xbox in which had a Hard Drive in it which was always used in my house and we never needed one memory unit at all which could be why it's compulsory to have a memory unit or Hard Drive attached to our 360s now to store our profiles.

Our latest generation has the many different storage forms now with the PSP using Memory Stick Pro cards for storage, The DS/Lite using flash memory and DSi being able to use Mini or Micro SD apparently (tell me if that's true). The PS3 using HDD of varying sizes but can beinterchangeable with the right know-how and the Wii using internal but can support SD cards. So that brings me fully onto why we are here.

Say that you have got really far into your game, made a few levels, tracks, characters or whatever and then during some freak off-chance your console or handheld gaming device's power cuts off or resets, of course the first port of call is to panic because you're afraid if your data is corrupted. You quickly turn your device/console on and check the memory but instead of your game you see a red block or a discerning symbol on your PS3/PSP XMB saying your game is corrupt and then all of a sudden you start crying because of all the wasted hours of your life spent on that game. Tell me if you have had a corrupted file problem and what console and how you reacted.

So I leave you with this image containing my two PSP memory sticks that need sorting tomorrow.

Thanks for reading everyone

My gaming future woes

Hi all

I have currently been thinking about how the current generation of gaming has been for us what with the brilliant Modern Warfare 2 being released last Tuesday. I was thinking why I game a lot and also do videos discussing about gaming in general to no prevail.(Garfield360UK can agree with me on this).

There have also been some video games that have made me so mad I had to throw them so far under my bed just so they are out of my sight.

These games are;

  • Any latest football game that I have had over a year
  • The ones that really irritate me like Bionic Commando on the Xbox 360

Am I just one of these gamers who just have constant depressional moments when it comes to gaming now. If I do decide to make anything work it will be sorting my series on youtube again because I have had enough with how many views it has had lately and I'm sick of it.

Gaming always has been with me my whole life and I want to enjoy games more and more but please Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and all the third-party publishers/developers please think about what games you are putting out there. Some don't like constant generic landscapes or sterotypical soldiers like those in the dreadful PS3 title Haze. Follow Infinity Ward's line and innovate gaming because I said it once before.

Revolution cannot exist without evolution.

I hope to be back into my perky gaming self in a few days or weeks

Many thanks


I now have a deviantart profile

Hi all

Once upon a time I was good at drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, in fact this was 2/3 years ago. I used to be able to draw Sonic in his Sonic Heroes pose. Since then I haven't been putting pencil to paper so I payed the price and lost my newly gained drawing skills.

So these days I'm getting my touch back and drawing Sonic in the way I used to.I made a deviantart profile so you can see my drawings. It's at

Hope you all like the drawings

Omega-sonic out :D

Getting started with video games

Hi Omega-sonic here with his way on how to get into video games

Firstly, you have to buy or find a games console. It can be any of them whether it is a Wii or something older like the very first Playstation or more older a Sega Megadrive (Genesis, American readers). Trust me if you know where to look you can still find classic games for your older consoles.

Secondly, follow other gamers. Some gamers like me use things like Twitter ( to say what games we purchase and in brief what we think of them. Some other gamers use Gamespot's User Reviews section to tell you what they think on a title as well as Gamespot's blogging feature which informs people what they are going to buy and other things.

Thirdly, Go online. If you are one of those competitive players then why not go onto Xbox Live, Playstation Network or Nintendo's Wi-fi connection and play people. You can even do this on PC using either Steam or X-fire and the now Games for Windows Live. Some gamers are very nice to beginners so don't be afraid to drop into a session.

Finally, Just have fun. Games nowadays don't use controllers as much as they used to, they now use guitars, for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and microphones, for Singstar and Lips. Other games do have other types of controllers for you to play the game with. Soon with technology such as Project Natal and the PS3's new motion controller we will be playing games with ourseleves as the controller.

That has been my guide. So have fun

Omega-sonic out :D

London MCM Expo

Hi there wannabe game reporter Omega-sonic here to tell you about something good that is coming up

That is MCM expo in London. I might turn up there so I can do some work from there. The event will cost me £10 to get in but it's cool. I've been working on video game content now for a good few months so my first expo would be a walk in the park.

So moving on I'm now telling you that I now have a few more games in my Xbox 360 collection. These are Bionic Commando (Xbox 360) and Left 4 Dead.

On Skate 2 I have been taking some images from my Skateboarding moments. As soon as a hard drive comes I will make some footage.

Also episode 8 of my series is going under editing now.

I hope to keep you all posted on how the event goes and I will post a video blog from the event.

Omega-sonic out :D

Working in the games industry

Hey there everybody me again to give you the lowdown on my going-ons

Today as I was working on my Youtube series I discovered something that I have in common with someone. That all we do is write scripts, record the lines, edit the clips and add them all together. I did think that this wouldn't be hard but I'm now starting to double track on my idea.

In other parts of my gaming life I picked up another game for cheap from my favorite purchasing website. The title involved now is Bionic Commando (Not Rearmed) on Xbox 360 for £13. Now all I need to do is plan my finances carefully so that I can buy ODST and a Hard Drive.

Sorry but today folks I don't have a proverb

Omega-sonic out :D

Two games on the way

Hey everyone it's Omega-sonic here to give you another one of my informative blogs

While I've been now near a month without PC internet and it's got me thinking this, what is the reason behind using the internet. Is it for fun, to be boring and contain loads of mindless rubbish or very entertaining with people making random videos on blogging sites. Anyhow I disgress.

I found a better reason for the use of the internet and that is purchasing video games cheaply. I mean today I found Skate 2, a new copy, for around £9 and F.E.A.R for £8. I mean is that a pair of bargains or what. The total of these two cost me £24.24 with postage and packaging but for a newer title and a slightly older one, that doesn't bother me.

I am thinking about purchasing ODST but I've heard some criticism from some saying that it is not worth the price and think that I should wait a while to purchase it. So can someone help me out there please.

Here's hoping to God that soon I will have my internet back so that I can play Skate 2 online and upload my sick (or rubbish) skills onto a video website. Oh and before I go, can I please ask where everybody has gone from the Console Generations Union because the Activity has stopped for a few days now and I'm sure that me, @Garfield360UK and @Loopy_101 are worried.

So I hope to hear from you soon but in the meantime I leave you with this

"If a tree fell and no-one was around, does it make a sound"

Omega-sonic out :-)

I'm in Super-Sonic joy

Hey everyone Omega-sonic here.

If you haven't just noticed the pun then play Sonic 3 on the Mega-drive or XBLA to get the jist of the joke. The reason why I have that joke is due to the fact that SEGA are in the process of making a new 2D Sonic title. I think that this game needs to reach everybody's expectations in terms of gameplay. It needs to play exactly like the old-school 2D games from 1991 to 1994.

On my console I have not bought anymore games because I still cannot afford it but I should be getting some new titles first.

I usually use my PC for a little bit of work but I worked on making a Rock Band guitar to work on Frets on Fire so now that it does I can finally import songs from my ogg collection into this by using youtube for the expert note charts and the game to do them. I now own Trackmania United again, in fact I had it on my old computer but I had to sort out the disc to put it onto a USB device for installation.

I should have some tracks made soon on all the selectable locales in the game. So I'll keep you updated.

So Omega-sonic out :P

A Marvel vs Capcom based episode of The Retro Files

Now then folks as you know I make a and youtube series called The Retro Files and I'm informing you that over the one month hiatus I have come up with a new episode that looks at a older title in the Marvel vs Capcom franchise.

Ok I need to come up with the script for the episode and footage but I'll keep everybody here updated with how the episode is going.

It's now made. It is now on at and at youtube on under the uploads tab

Omega-sonic out ;)

P.S You can watch the whole series all at once in this playlist. The Retro Files Chronology. Enjoy 8)

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