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In my opinion its better to play SNES games on the actually console than on an emulator. Playing it on a console just feels more natural and provides nastolgia. For example when I play Earthbound on my emulator, its such a sweet game, but it would be so much better if I had the actually cartridge. I can't play chrono trigger on my emulator because its not the same as playing on the cartridge, I dunno why some people thinks its weird to buy the best system ever lol.Chrono66

Heh, i agree...

But Earthbound i have to play on an emulator problems + all... it was never released in europe so i either need to by an NTSC SNES + an NTSC Earthbound cart, or just mod the Earthbound cart for a PAL system but i don't know how...

Well i guess that's the advantage of emulators :)

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Might want to check again, pretty sure it's the 27th of June, same day as Brawlsteizgr8

Well that isn't very good news if you want an Okami sequel.. i won't sell enougth to warrant 1.. because of well like Brawl.... pr maybe i need to be more optimistic...

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I've always liked this 1 (because i'm a major starfox nut lol)

This 1 to.... maya's face is like... lol :lol:

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Because the halo fantards piss me off....

Getting the whole "OMG U DONT HAVE HALO U SUXXORS HAHAHAHA!" kinda put me off ¬_¬

TBH, Halo was too Sci-fi for me... i've never liked that setting... therefore i like COD4 better, because that so got me into the gnere after all the WW2 FPS got boring -_-;

But maybe one day, i will try Halo.... it's all a matter of time really...

P.S. don't reply well you should try it because i've had people say that about 100 times -_-

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Starfox for the Wii will be epic :D