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nintendo at e3

I've had video games since I was a little kid, in fact the first system I owned was an NES. The second, SNES. And the third and fourth were Playstation and N64 respectively. I love Nintendo, but I feel like ever since the Wii, Nintendo has frustrated me with gimmicky gameplay and poor graphics to boot. And this year's Nintendo press conference at E3 only apmlified these feelings for me. I wanted to be impressed with the Wii U, but instead, I was disgusted by it.

It might be weird to post a link to another video game site, but I found an article on IGN that articulately explains why Ninetndo failed at E3. You can check it out here:


Nintendo needs to step it up.

never trust your gut

so two days ago i went against my better judgement and bought swtfu 2 - whoops

i know that it got a 6/10 rating, but i vainly hoped that i would like it regardless...it was the worst game i've played in a looong time.

i trust the gamespot rating system for virtually every other game, why not this one? i think something in me just loves star wars so much that it overrides any sort of common sense.

anyways, i took the game back two days after i bought it. why can't a game like knights of the old republic come out for ps3?

christmas wish list

assassin's creed: brotherhood

red dead redemption

call of duty: black ops



heavy rain

call of duty: modern warfare 2

prince of persia

swtfu II (maybe)

brutal legend

death spank

every new game looks awful

so i haven't posted anything for like 2 years...but...

is it just me or does it seem like every game released recently has gotten HORRIBLE reviews?!

I was really looking forward to Fable III, The Sims 3, SWTFU 2, Fallout New Vegas, castlevania lords of shadow, spiderman shattered dimensions, and transformers war for cybertron....and, after reading their reviews on multiple sites, they all look pretty stupid hahah

also, every single playstation move game also looks awful and has gotten really bad reviews --- the shoot, sports champions, brunswick pro bowling, eye pet, and kung fu rider (maybe that game sorcery can break the trend)

i hadn't even heard of vanquish but i feel like it's the only game release in the last few months to get a decent rating.

can't wait for assassin's creed brotherhood, hopefully it won't follow suit with everything else...

E3 games

i've been watching E3 the past couple of days

here's some games i've seen that i want and dont want (i'll be updating it as i see more)

want (even though i don't have a ps3):

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe


Resistance 2

God of War 3

DC Universe Online

Fable 2 - looks pretty sweet, but i don't have enough time, or an Xbox to play it

de Blob - i don't have a wii either; but de Blob is really creative, and from what i've seen has introduced a fun looking idea...


Afro Samurai

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

This is Vegas

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Spiderman: Web of Shadows


don't want (and probly wouldn't get if someone paid me to get them):

little big planet

wii music

scene it: box office smash

pop cutie! street fashion simulation

major minor's majestic march


Also. just a side note..in an entire conference dominated by next-gen games that have seemingly infinite detail, i have to give props to Capcom for having the guts to come out with Megaman 9. For those of you who didn't see the demo, basically the game looks, plays, and sounds just like the original megaman games for the NES. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but hopefully the risky move by Capcom will pay off and Megaman will sell well when it comes out in September