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I agree. I always come to GameSpot 3 or 4 times a day before the update, now I rarely visit GameSpot. The layout is confusing and load time is long. I could easily find the stuff I want to see before, now it's a mess. All my tracking games are gone... I know I can re-add them, but I don't want to do it due to the long loading time.

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AC2 - 9.5

ACB - 9.0

AC1 - 8.0

ACR - 8.0

AC Bloodlines (PSP) - 6.5

AC3 - Not sure yet, still playing seq 2 (so far, 8.0).

AC 3 Liberation (PS Vita) - Haven't played it yet.

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In the game, press Start. Go to DNA and select the desired chapter/mission and press X again to start the replay.

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Yes, you can also replay the missions/chapters in AC Revelations. I did it for some of the trophies.

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Yes, you can replay the mission in AC Brotherhood. I replayed some of the chapters for tropies.

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FarCry 2 and Soldier of Fortune payback. FarCry 2 had so many glitches and Soldier of Fortune payback was a waste of money (the graphic was so bad).

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My recent saddest gaming moment would be FFVII: Crisis Core. It was so sad when Zack got killed and everytime you saw Zack with the paper of Aerith's 23 wishes.

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be the top player in hardcore mode in Call of Duty 4 online battle.

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I think it would be good to have the foreign games with English language option. At least I will enjoy them. We still miss alot of foreign games due to the languages problems. But, your right, not every foreign game has good sales in America. It's not the problem of the translating languages. I think the main problem for the foreign game is not popular is the culture differences.

Just take a example of dynasty warriors games, I personally enjoy the games not becasue I like fighting games. It's because I enjoy the stories. The game itself has alot explainations about the three kingdoms, but still, if you are not very interested in the storyor you didn't read the book of Three Kingdoms (which is one of the four greatest ancient novels in China), you won't be able to full enjoy the game. Therefore, some games are so popular in some area( ex. Japan and China), but they are not popular in U.S.

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