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Blog # 58: First Halo: Reach map pack coming in November

Yes, for all you Halo fans out there who have been praying for Reach DLC have finally gotten their wish.

Bungie will be bringing you 3 new maps.

The first one is called Anchor 9, a map on a UNSC ship in space. It looks like a mix of Orbital (a halo 3 map), the level Long night of Solace (thats the reach level with the ships in space right?), and Zealot, just UNSC style.

The second map is called Tempest. This map really reminds me of the level The Silent Cartographer from Halo: Combat Evolved.

The final map is called Breakpoint. It looks like a mix of Forrunner and UNSC technology.

Halo: Reach's first map pack will be on Xbox live for 800 mp on November 30, 2010.

I'm stuck on a CoD 4 level (veteran difficulty) and I need some help!

Alright I'm trying to beat CoD 4 on veteran and I'm stuck on the mission "One Shot, One Kill", I'm i the last part of the mission where you have to hold your ground until the helicopter arrives to pick you up. Its almost impossible (at least for me) to complete/get past this part on Veteran difficulty, I've died 5+ times and after each death i tried a new strategy or a new place to hold my ground but each time I have tried I ended up getting killed... Can someone give me tips or stratagies or something to help me complete this level?

Should Xbox originals be put up as downloads on xboxlive?

I think xbox originals should become downloads on xbox live... Why? because most xbox fans/users have xbox originals that they still play and it would be great if microsoft would put the FULL GAME (campaign, multiplayer, etc.) and maybe just add SMALL tweaks to the game.

For example... Halo. If microsoft put Halo:combat Evolved as a FULL GAME DOWNLOADon xbox live, plus added local and online co-op and local and ONLINE multiplayer it would make a great game. Now for the price, Halo (and all the other game if they were to be put on xbox live downloads) would cost around $10-$20(not sure how much that is in xbox live points 'cause i dont have Xbox Live). I say its a GREAT idea, becuase it would be fun for us to replay old favorites and actually play online multiplayer ('cause microsoft stopped supporting online play for xbox originals) for games such as Halo, Halo 2, and CoD 2:BRO or CoD 3.

Now, lets talk about the 'small tweaks' I was talkin' about earlier. I think the only tweaks they should put into these downloadable originals is things like online co-op and multiplayer,getting rid of glitches, and bugs that appeared in the originals, but thats about it. I dont want them to tweak it so much that it dosnt feel, look, or seem the same becuase then it would just seem like a total remake of it and I (at least me) wouldn't buy it.

All in all, I think it would be very worth it for microsoft to do this because gamers would be able to replay old classics on the 360, they could play onlione multiplayer or co-op again. and microsoft would probably get more money than they do today. so i think its a win win.

Thanks for your comments. :)