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Don't Have Portal 2?

I have in my hands, virtual hands, a 75% discount on Portal 2. You wanna it? Add me on steam and I will trade it!

Defence of Myself

Well I have been playing DotA 2 for a while now. It's a very good looking game, the creativity of the heroes makes me wanna play the game on its own. Mechanics are normal to any MOBA and the mental and quick though gameplay really makes me happy about the game even if you get killed in so much a brute way that almost hurts you. My dislikes about the game is the defeat and win attribution. Sometimes we can win a game and not even got the sum of one win to your score, and if any of your team mates disconnects and doesnt come back you get a message saying its safe to leave but you still got a lost to your score, this is kind of frustrating.... it makes no sense since the player will penalized by the leave but you still are... kind of sad this is working like this.

However I am looking forward to the Tutorial part of the game, achievements, socialize and the mentor stuff that are still under construction. Honestly I would prefer this to be their primary focus and not the new customization items going on...


RaiderZ Foretaste

Good news everyone!

Last day I got my free beta key to play raiderz, the beta only starts agost 8 and I need to thank Gamspot for allowing me to get the key and I am exited. I am not sure how its going to be the gameplay and the dynamic of the game, even more importantly how will they keep the game up and available. We have seen the raise of League of Legends and DotA 2. Both games I have been playin. Well I don't play LoL anymore cause I have been laking some time with my normal day to day work at the university! And by the way it's starting to bore me a LOT!! The game is always the same thing...

I am more a story-driven-game player and with the steam summer sale I bought a lot of interesting game. L.A. Noire, Fallout, The Witcher, Vampira the Mascarede and a others... I am not sure if Raiderz will have a back story and the idea of the game really interest, seeing the game on Totalbiscuit channel made me at least wanna try it!

Good that we have a MOBA game with a combat focus gameplay, dodging and teamplay but the game may not have so much susses. But it is gonna be a good experience for to try the game... I will be posting my review as soon as I get my hands in the game! I hope I see Totalbiscuit around!

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