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what are you buyin/what are you sellin/ah all buy it at a high price/not enough cash stranger


i just thoughtthis out ofrandom but out of these people who would win?

link,a spartan off of halo,sora,mario,mitsunari,cao cao,cloud,vincent valinetine,naruto,or a yellow pages phone book

new generation systems!!!

i hope soon when my birthday comes i might get all the new systems like ps3,xbox360,and nintendo wii!!!

if anyone has any idea for games i should get let me know!!!


i beat kingdom hearts 2 on proud modelast night but the only bad thing is that i cant save after the ending becuase the game freezies during the ending credits so im going to have to buy a new copy of the game.


i cant for halloween becuase the candy and costumes.if any of my friends live in keystone you might want to look out for a guy in a organization 13 coat becuase that is what im trying to get.if you look in my images you should find it.also if any one has pics of there costumes could you show me.THANKS!!!
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