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100% completion of Dead Rising!!!!!!!!!

after owning it since launch i finally got up the courage and air conditioning units to attempt the 5 and7 day survivor acheivements and on the eve of the launch anniversary too dammit this game kicks ass

Going away

im leaving on holidayfor all of july so ill be away from my computer and thus sevred from the information superhighway, oh well i geussI wasgoing to have to leave my house sooner or later

Bx LE pre odered B!tCHes!!!!

i just went over to my local eb and finnaly was able to switch over my pre order from the regular to the LE and i put some money down on an HD tv (finnally i will be able to read the text in Dead Rising)


yesterday i downloaded the great and almighty beta for halo 3 in all its glory it was a 2 hour download that prevented my from using my x360 for the time. When it finnally came time to start it up i got myself all set up to be amazed... I was dissapointed. Right off the bat im not really a halo fan never played more than one playthrough of Combat Evolved and never touched halo 2 outside of playing games at friends houses. The only real reason i bought the halo 3 beta (featuring crackdown) was because i thought it was a hard to find deal that you could only get in the states but when i went to a bunch of other stores back home in canada i realized that not only was every copy of crackdown a beta 3 admission one but that there were soo many of them i guess they must have not stressed the halo 3 beta enough here because ive seen people who have pre ordered the halo 3 thing for the longest time and talk about it everyday and still dont know about the beta. Anyways the beta wasnt all that great and after a couple of matches i severly felt like playing some C&C so i put my dusty crackdown disk away and used my brain rather than twitch reflex for a few hours.
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