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I will be blogging here from now on, i would apretiate it very much if ppl still read and commented on my blog thanx

Hitman not that bad

Ok so i still haven't sent my 360 in, i have sent off another request for a shipping box from microsoft so fingers crossed it will come soon so i can get back online and play some games, so needless to say i have been playing a hell of allot of wii, and as the rental service sent me Red Steel i have mainly been playing that now i know this must seem strange to you as i still have metroid prime, mario galaxy and super paper mario unfinished but i have to say except the boring sword fights the game is a great run and gun fps, the graphics aren't great but what do you expect from the wii. i have played it for around 2 hrs so far and i am loving it.

I have also played allot of WoW lately, i guess i am addicted again, i only have a lvl 12 Dwarf Mage but still the game has sucked me in, i usually play as horde characters so i decided to go with the Alliance for my new character and i have to say not much is different. My character looks cool i think, he has bright pink hair and beard.

I also started watching the arby and chief videos on youtube andomg they are hillarious especially the new one, all i can say lately is My Roflcopter it goes soi, soi, soi, soi, soi.

I read all of 1984 and the ending seems a little poor for such a good book, i know it wasn't gunna end great its kinda obvious after act 1 but still be more imaginative than that. I have started reading i am legend and it seems like a good book but i just don't seem to be getting into it all that much, i will give it another try later.

My new Favorite Program is Gavin and Stacy, it is a show on bbc and omg it is hillarious i especcially like Rob Brydons Character i nearly wet myself with everything he says and the Gym scene is comedy gold.

I also ordered a pay monthly mobile as i have been texting a hell of a alot lately and it seemes like the cheaper and smarter option, the phone was free and the contract is £20 a month, the phone should arrive tuesday so i will tell you guys more when i get it, it has a 5mp camera which was my main draw for it so i can get higher quality drunkan pictures lol. The phone is a Samsung g600 which is remarcably better than the sony ericoson w810 i currently own.

I also saw the hitman film the other day and although Tim Olyphant doesn't really portray 47 very well the film is good by video game film standards, its kinda like a cheap mans bourne film i especially like the scene where he breaks through the hotel window and 2 kids are playing Bloodmoney i had 2 laff at that.

Thats about all i have to say, i know this is a long boring blog, i mite dtart blogging more often and just do it on one subject as i feel more will read and respond so untill next time i will be in my roflcopter it goes soi, soi, soi, soi, soi

Still no xbox guess i gotta find summat else to fill my time

Well as microsoft are holdin out on me and are taking their sweet arse time to send me a box so i can ship my red ringed 360 to em i have decided to fill my yime by doing some other things some gaming related others not so.

Well i guess as this is a gaming site i should start with what things i have been doing gaming related since my last blog post:

Well i bought Metroid Prime 3 for the wii, I have never really been a big MP fan but there isn't really much else to get for the wii so i thought i would give the series another try and so far i am loving it. I will admit i am not that far in and hevn't really played for long but the controls suit the wii so much and make a game what i think i would usually find a little dull rather interesting, I may review the game when i have completed it so look out for that if you are interested in whether my views change of the game a few more hours in.

I re-signed up to Love Film game rental today as they sent me a 30 day free trial through the post which was rather generous of them, as i have no 360 atm my rental list is full of wii games with bully or no more heroes being the top 2 games on my list i really hope i get bully as i have never played it before and it seems like a really interesting game. For some reason Lovefilm doesn't do DS games which is rather saddening as i got one for christmas and would like to try out the new advance wars and some Elite beat agents.

I also bought another month of WoW (something i said i would never do) that should pass the time while i await the xbox 360 being fixed and then i can get into some serious gaming again.

Well thats about all i have done gaming related this week.

I also purchaced some items to help pass the non xboxing time:

the first was 1984 a great book by george orwell which is rather interesting, the novel is about a future (back when the book was written)society where every one is watched by an organisation called Big Brother, where democracy is just a memory and everyone has been controlled even down to their sex lives and eating habits, i am about 1/3 of the way through and i am loving it so far i would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into a good book.

The next was a Reverend and the Makers CD called the state of things its a kinda Brit Pop indie mix, its pretty good, i would recomend it to anyone who likes the arctic monkeys or Dirty Pretty things.

I also bought a few DVDs, 300, American Gangster, 30 Days of night and run fat boy run. I haven't watched American gangster yet but the others are great films.

I have also ordered a few more things online ( is my best friend atm)

Dexter Book, 300 poster, Scarface Poster and I am Legend Book even though the film was rather disapointing people say the book is a must read so i will give it a try.

Thats all from me. LH(N)

OMG Microsoft wheres my box

So i haven't written a blog in a few weeks so I thought i would catch you guys up on what i have been doing, not much gaming really because i still have not recieved my box from microsoft to send my 360 back, I really wanna play my 360 b'cos the wii doesn't really interest me and even Mario Galaxy is getting boring, i wanna play some Halo and Call of Duty. I did play a little Counterstrike Source but even that isn't perking my interest any more, if it takes a month for the 360 to be fixed and its taken 2 week for them to send me a box so far its not looking good for me playing any time soon. I may give my 360 another go soon in the random hope that it will work but its very unlikely but fingers crossed.

I went to blackpool last weekend for 2 nights and it was pretty fun but very exhausting, we tended to start dring at 1 pm and not stop till 4am so i may be still sobering up lol.

I bought season 3 of the Mighty Boosh the other day and watched all 6 episodes in one night, god that show is great i especially like the one with the crimp battle it is hillarios, Crimping is always funny.

Well that and work has all i have really done lately.


Well its finally happened, it was only a matter of time. I was playing some mario galaxy on my wii last night and i got a phone call from a mate sayin he just got a 360 and wanted some help on halo 3 legendary so i went to jump on and school him on the world of the 360 and there it was as bold as brass 3 red lights, i nearly cried so now i gotta check what i have to do and send it in to The big M (microsoft, mcdonalds aint gettin my 360). I will keep you guys posted on what happens with my attemt of getting it repaired over the coming weeks.

Undertow 4 free

Now a couple of weeks ago Major Nelson released information that Microsoft were gonna give all live users a free games as a "seasonal gift". What that really means is that they still want you to use their service even though they ballsed up over christmas so heres a free game we're nice people see.

Well that game was given to us on Wednesday and it was undertow, the basis of the game is really a geometry wars and battlefield 2 mix, you have to capture areas and when you capture those areas your opponents points decrease, to defend the areas you have to shoot an onslaught of enemies and this is where geo wars comes in because the games controls exactly like it. The graphics aren't great and the game isn't really that fun but hey why am i bothered it was free, i definately wouldn't pay 800 points though.

AvP:R is poor

So lately I haven't really done much that is blogworthy so i just thought i would do a little catch up with you guys, so work has been a big bore lately. I am really gettin sick of it to tell you the truth, but still i will keep going while they keep paying me.

I bought a few new games most notably i got the new Tomb Raider game on 360 for £20 which is pretty reasonable even for a PS2 port and everyone knows The Original Tomb Raider was a great game.

I also went to see the new Alien Vs Predator film and man does that suck as, one of the worst films i have ever seen, there is no plot there at all, the film is all action and then hardly any of it is good. The best part of the film was when some one said "The Government doesn't lie to us" and someone in the cinema shouted yeah right. It was hillarious, now thats what i call audience participation. Anyway bad film don't go and see it.

2 new old games, and 5 dvds

Well i bought 2 games in the January Sales Yesterday, i got shadowrun for £10 and Forza 2 for £15 which i think you are all aware is very, very cheap. Both were new games not pre owned. I have played both the games before as i have rented both and they are great games, i cant wait to get into forza and make a uber paintjob for my cars.

I also boought 5 dvds:

Russell Brand Live which was £8 and it is as funny as hell

The Publandlord Live which was also £8 and is also really, really funny

Deja Vu for £4

The magicians with the guys from peep show for £7

and Condemned for £3 (lol i know the fim isn't great but hey £3 is a bargain)

Thats about all i have to say, my live seems to be all good atm not had any problems, infact i have. I tried to update my 2 new games the other day and they wouldn't for ages it just kept sending me back to the dashboard. I finally got them on and played for a little and then went on mario galaxy.

I have 15 stars so far on galaxy out of 120, so i am nowere near finishing the game so i am gonna play alot more and get back to you on it, but yeah i am loving it.

Mass Effect is all done YAY :)

So I finally finished Mass effect, the ending isn't great but the game as a whole is top Class, a 9/10 in my books. I would give it a 10 but there are a few minor problems which i think i mentioned in the previous blog. I also rearanged all my next gen games today. I put them all into a little wallet, well 2 to be precise. Just to save space in the box i call a room, i managed to arrange them so all the games i haven't finished yet are at the start and i am going to try and play through those wence the duldrums cometh. Super Mario Galaxy is at the front of that list and that is gonna be my starting point so look forward to hearing allot about that in the upcoming posts. Oh yeah and Xbox live seems to be fine now, are any of you still havin problems?

I also watched Balls of Fury today not a good film by anyones standards but man is it hillarious, i also went to watch I am legend a few week ago which is pretty good and i got Borne Ultimatum (which i also watched today) and Zoolander for Christmas. Zoolander is one of my alltime favorite films, its pre Meet the Fockers so Ben Stiller is actually funny. Now don't get me wrong Meet the fockers is a great film but Stiller sucks **** in it, that film is all about Dustin Hoffman and that baby that shouts **** hole allot.

I have been blogging allot lately through boredom mainly but i am back at work tomorrow so it should be a little quieter on my end. Anyway i have just watched the first 2 episodes of the new shamless and i have to say they were great especially the season premiere, Franks quoting of the bard at the start was just hillarious. Anyway thats all from me.

A Happy New Year Rant

Well before i bum you all out with my rant i want to first say happy new year to yall who read this.

Now then here goes i am having a rant because I was supposed to be out now but because a friend forgot to book a taxi into our local town we couldn't get there so the choice was go to the local and sit and be miserable with all the old farts or stay in and play games. As you can see i decided on the latter. By now i would have been a lil bit tipsy probbably on my 4th pint but instead i am drinking bottles of steller on my own in my room. How sad is that and Kate Lawler was doing a set in my local club tonight which would have been cool to see but anyway i wil get to finish mass effect finnaly.

That game is great btw if you don't have it go and get it even though there are a few framerate issues, loading is a little long and auto saves are a little too far apart it just draws you in for hours, this is the reason i have spent no more than 2 hours on Mario Galaxy which one day i will come back to. Well anyway i am on the last mission and i cant wait to get to the end, i chose to play as a bloke so i dont get to see the lesbian action but i am told it is poor anyway, plus they aren't real people they are pixels, just seems a lil sad to me how people go madover this stuff when its not even a real person.

Thinking of messing about on photoshop in a bit too as i aint played halo or resident evil 4 in over a month so i feel i need new banner, what do you guys think.

Anyway i am out, i will probably post again tomorrow as i don't have much else to do. But back at work on wednesday :(