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Sadness swallowed my screams and brought me here


So, the last time I was here was in November, huh?

A lot of things have happened. I'm not going to go into details much because I already have on another blog, which only people who know me in person would know.

I guess, in an effort to keep myself sane, I have gone back to gaming.

So for this post, I'm going to talk about a FaceBook game, which is also available on the other platforms but I mostly play on FB and PS3 so I can only talk about those versions.

It's called You Don't Know Jack (YDKJ).

Basically, it is a trivia game. What differentiates this trivia game from others is that it has what I call adult humour -- sarcastic, cheeky, kinda lame at times, asinine, farcical, and the likes. The game is hosted by an invisible person called Cookie Masterson. By invisible, I mean, he doesn't appear in the game but his voice leads you throughout.

There are differences between the FB version and the PS3 version. The FB version is what I would call the Lite version. It has a round of five questions, with varying formats for the first four question and a permanent format for the fifth. The first four questions can be your simple Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) to sorting the answers according to "Dis or Dat" to typing in the whole answer on your own without the need to pay attention to punctuations (called Gibberish Question). As for the fifth, it is an extremely fun buzz-on-the-right-answer kinda thing called "Jack Attack".

You don't really need to have friends on your FB to play it but it certainly is far more enjoyable to do so in terms of comparing stats to see how cleverer you are than your friends and you even get to unlock achievements. Also, a cool feature of having friends in YDKJ: you get to play against them if they have already played through the episode and see the answers they picked during the Jack Attack.... which means you know whether they gave up and simply click on every single answer or whether they chose answers you find ridiculous and hilarious.

I know, my sentences are really long in describing this game but I just wanted to cover as many areas as possible just to give you guys an idea of why I find this trivia game unique and noteworthy.

As for the PS3 version, it has two rounds of 10 questions. Like the FB version, the first nine questions contain MCQs and "Dis or Dat" and the final question is a Jack Attack. However, unlike the FB version, you don't have the Gibberish Question simply because it's not practical to type in the answer on the PS3... am I right?

The PS3 version also offers netplay and you can compete against other online players. I'm more of a family person so I play with my siblings on local. FUN. I think it'll make a great game for a stayover/sleepover/party. Although only up to four players can play at a time, I think it'll be massively fun to have an entire room shouting different answers at all four players. Hahaha!

So... yeah. I think YDKJ is a game that makes a fun filler for social events or simply to kill boredom.

Oh, one flaw though, the questions tend to be more American-friendly. As in, there are questions whereby you need to know what is going on in the US, its history, its geography, and so on. Still, I think it just adds on to anyone's general knowledge so no real blow there... unless you're up against your American friend.

If any of you guys do play it on FB or PS3, let me know. In fact I purchased a USD2 royale package for the FB version that allows me to play two free games each day and other benefits. That is quite the extent to which I like the game.

Which brings us to, damn, Huda, more money? Well, you get to play for free once each day and earn tokens based on your ranking in the game. If you feel unsatiated by one round, you get to play again by purchasing it with 200 tokens. So basically, just try to get the first place each time you play so you can earn those tokens more quickly. You also get an additional free turn once you've levelled up.

I think this post doesn't do justice as to what the game has to offer. I would propose you try the FB version before purchasing the PS3 version just to get a feel of things and whether this game is for you. Hey, we're all different, right?

Also something to note, they do recycle some questions from the PS3 and use it in the FB though I'm not sure if it's the other way round (I'm too lazy to check, ugh). But they do come up with a new episode each week so the popculture questions remain current and contemporary.

And oh, oh, the FB version has special guest episodes whereby you get to play with a guest player like Jimmy Pardo, Adrianne Curry, Rich Sommer, etc. I think that is quite a new feature in the FB version so you don't find that many guest episodes right now.

Just to wrap things up nicely for this post, this is one game I'm playing regularly. Well, at least the FB version and at least I'm trying to, given my real life commitments.

The next post will be about my current play of American McGee's Alice (yes, I've finally picked up from where I've left). In fact, I'm proud to say that I've completed the Vale of Tears quite quickly within a couple of hours. Maybe it was just a short stage or maybe it was due to the fact that I've watched Helloween4545's Let's Play of it many times over so that helped a lot. (Is that considered cheating?)

So yeah. Next post will be about AM Alice -- basically things I discover from playing it like my frustrations about it, what I like about it, how I cheated my way through, etc.

I hope you all are doing better than me. :D