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Before I start, here's a little something to set the mood! Rating: NC16.

Yeah, I'm now addicted to Never Mind the Buzzcocks! (#nmtb)

But never mind that!

The real news is.... I'm getting me a PS3 towards the end of the month! Applause, please!


Alright. Actually, I'm not earning much as a kindergarten teacher and I've splurged more than $200 from my temp income worth $620. Plus, I have loans and bills to settle.

Ah, when I think back to the time when I first started this blog... My feeble attempt at a PS2 fund.... I MUST BE A ALIEN OR SUTIN! #nmtb

Anyway, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play the Alice games, Fifa11, and... well, that's about it? Not sure if I can get my hands on the Project Zero/Fatal Frame games. Small desire to play Heavy Rain, mostly out of curiosity. A friend offered to lend me his collection of games. In true Singapore-English (Singlish), I'm gonna say, "I'll see how lah."

In fact that fella seems more enthusiastic than I am about ME getting the PS3. Again, in Singlish, "Siao one."

I'll get to the story about How I Became a Kindergarten Teacher next time. I really need to pee now.

Hahahaha! Yes, I'm back!