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Quick update

Because mufujifi tells me to update my GS more often, here's a quick update on what's the happs about me. I'll be making a more faithful visit to your blogs tomorrow morning. Because y'all are sweet and I wanna be sweet to y'all too.

So here's a quickie:

  • I bought Brutal Legend (PS3) but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. Hopefully, I'll at least get to touch it tomorrow.
  • I played a few minutes of Alien Swarm with mufujifi on Steam and it was just plain hilarious.... but she hates the game so I guess I'mma have to play it on my own if I want to.
  • I'm actually very close to finishing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I have quite mixed feelings about it.
  • I bought Alan Wake on Humble Bundle and I might just play it with mufujifi tomorrow... like a date! Hahaha!

So yeah, that's for games. School and work have been usual -- insufferable.

Don't want to speak of that. I'll save that for my personal blog.

I just want happy things here!

And game, game, game!