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Progressive Play: To The Moon 2

Just a quick and short one. Motivated to finish the game as soon as possible because mufujifi has assigned me to write a feature. So I think I should finish this before I get to selecting a game and doing a feature. She suggested writing on games that are newb-friendly. But for the fun of it, maybe you guys can throw me a game title and then I'll assess how newb-friendly it is? How about that? ;)

So basically Act 1 is about following John's memories backwards. The thing about Act 1 is that it cna get quite repetitive that you have a tendency to just cruise through the memories instead of paying particular attention to every detail. From things you can find to the dialogue. At the end of Act 1, the doctors were unable to access John's childhood memories and they thought those are most probably negligible.

And of course, they thought wrong, which was proven in Act 2.

In Act 2, we have to help the doctors make links between the memories in order for them to initiate planting a desire in John to go to the moon.

But oh. Trouble.

Unfortunately, the desire was not successfully planted and our doctors were very close to losing John and even themselves, I suppose. This was quite a dark section of the game. I really like how everytime comes together dramatically.

In Act 3, we were able to access his childhood memories after a bit of problem-solving/trouble-shooting by the doctors. I must say, as annoying as Neil can get, he's actually an unsung hero.

And is it just me or am I sensing some sort of chemistry between Eva and Neil? Hmm? Hahaha.

Anyway, Act 3 is just as dark if not darker but the mood was switched really well to a light-hearted one. There is a plot twist during the darker part of the section. If I had bothered to pay attention during Act 1, maybe it wouldn't have surprised me so much. So yeah, I was really caught off-guard.

But at least I paid enough attention to grasp an understanding on River's eccentric behaviour throughout her days leading up to her demise.

And yeah, that means I finally got to this scene:


The dialogue exchange between the two is really revealing of a lot of things we face in life. And this really helps us to understand why these two understand each other.

In fact this scene made me realise something but I am going to post that realisation on my personal blog instead.

Hopefully, I can resume playing it tonight and perhaps give more thought to it.