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Progressive Play: To The Moon 1

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I have passed the stage whereby Dr. Watts was accompanied by the two children in finiding out more about his client.

And oh, the "horrors" he witnessed.


So yeah, that phase is relatively short. Just the game's way of orienting you and getting you used to the controls, which can be quite sticky sometimes. You really have to put in a bit of effort to be more intuitive with the gameplay. Even now, I still struggle on getting the controls to work.

Not too bad though.

Anyway, I've reached John's 13th memory. This is where we find out more about the central female figure of the story. I'm going to call it a night though. Feeling pretty knackered and I have a presentation tomorrow.

The most striking memory was earlier on. I brought it up in a conversation with my friend. I asked for his opinion prior to purchasing the game anyway but it took me some time before I actually bought the game.

Tuesday, 27 August, 2013
9:38 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: finally playing to the moon
9:38 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: oklah not so sad
9:38 PM - Kindaichi17[]: aiyah i am a romantic
9:38 PM - Kindaichi17[]: thats y i find it sad lol
9:39 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: i also romantic. sweetly romantic
9:39 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: maybe havent reached the sad part
9:39 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: i am so amused by the two doctors
9:39 PM - Kindaichi17[]: u play till where?
9:42 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: the memory where the guy had to choose between the girl and the house
9:43 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: it did hit me in the gut about the selfish part
9:43 PM - Kindaichi17[]: havent reach the sad part yet lol
9:43 PM - Captain Hoody Two Boots: eh, i thought what the guy said is already pretty sad. ohnoes!
9:44 PM - Kindaichi17[]: make sure got tissue box nearby lol

So... yeah. It made me think about relationship. I had this perversed thought that perhaps love is selfish after all? As in, I am selfish for wanting to just love? I don't know.

So that made me emo.

Perfect mood for the game.

Again, the soundtrack really complements the story well. Really sets the mood.

I guess the comic relief for the emotional story would be the two doctors. It is my kind of humour, as in, if I were to write the dialogues for them, that would most probably what I would write too.