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Progressive Play: American McGee's Alice Part 3

Righto! As promised, I've played the game after work and now I am blogging about the two main sections I've conquered since the last post.

Firstly, Airborne Terror. It did give me a bit of a problem when I reached the third vent. I just kept getting blown off by hot steam miserably. But I managed to float from one steam to another afterwards more gracefully. The section isn't so bad, considering the only enemies I faced were the Boojums. They're not much of a problem with the Ice Wand, of course. So that section is easy breezy lemon squeezy.

Secondly, Mistifying Madness.


Just when I thought I'm done with hedge mazes, nuuuuu, of course not. In fact, I ended up being in a water maze as well. My beef with the water maze? There seems to be invisible walls blocking your way even though the path is perfectly clear. And the Snarks...

You know how I play. I just pretty much prefer to leg it but this time round, clearly, the Snarks have to be slashed to their deaths!!! GRR! STUPID SNARKS! They're now far more irritating than Boojums and it doesn't help that the only weapon you can use underwater is the Vorpal Blade.

I did get viciously mauled by the Snarks many times but I managed to get past them, pull the switch that lifts the barricade to the next portal, forced to make a detour (because that's what switches do apparently -- they open one door and close the other), go through the Snarks-filled water tunnels (AGAIN), and then finally coming up onto the surface.

Did my misery end there?

Not quite. I just ended up on the upper level of the hedge maze. Wow, nice upgrade, huh?

But I've got to admit, I was really lucky this time. It really was a fluke. I took a serendipitous turn to find the Mirror of Inivisibility, used my instincts to navigate my way through the maze and discovered another switch.

When I pulled it, I thought I saw the portal doors open before a gate appears to block it, which made me think that it requires the Deadtime Watch to pause the gate as it shuts or something like that.

So I used the Deadtime Watch, effectively freezing time and tried to pull the switch. It didn't work and I panicked.

So I got Alice to cling onto the gate.

That's when I realised that the portal is on the lower level. -.-"

But hey, this is where I got lucky -- the way down was only a turn away and just as I was about to enter the portal, the two Card Guards frozen mid-air near it unfreeze.

So I managed to escape without a scratch.

Feels awesome.

The next section is Water Logged. I did a bit of recce and it feels like it might frustrate me to no end because it seems that the only enemies around are the Snarks. :evil: Not happy.

So I think I'll save it for tomorrow night.

But yeaaaaah. Including Water Logged, I'm just left with eight more sections to beating the game and making mufujifi proud.... or lackthereof.