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Progress Report #1 (007: EoN)

28th March 2010


I thought it was rather disappointing. There's the usual opening scene where Bond shoots at us through a peephole but that was it. No game preview or little hints of the storyline. I'm not sure if the game is modelled after the movie because that explains why there was no need to show game highlights like Ninja Five-O.

Mission 1: Sahara Desert

I had no idea what to do! I was just moving here and there. Suddenly, there was a bad guy and I had no idea how to take him down! Had to press all the buttons just to find out which one was the shooting one! I felt sostupid! Being a fast learner, I managed to figure out how and where to rapel down the building. After succeeding the mission, I upgraded my gun (I think) with the points I accumulated. Had to stop playing because I can feel addiction kicking in and I wasn't finished with my essay!

30th March 2010

Mission 2: Cairo Casino

First attempt (Stage 1): I suck at stealth! GARH! Took me a whole minute to figure out how to heal myself with the medkit. Heeyer. I failed on the first attempt! First failure of the game at such an early stage! *FAINTS*

Second attempt (Stage 1): As if that is not bad news.... I FAILED AGAIN! I ran out of bullets! Sighs. OK, one more try.

Third attempt (Stage 1): I nailed the stealth part! But I died at the hands of the three idiots. Sheesh. Perhaps, I can nail it altogether this time round.

Fourth attempt (Stage 1): I barely got through! And just when I thought it was all over, there was more! Stealth was needed again and I blew it! ROAR!

First attempt (Stage 2): This time, I was smooth with my stealth. Muahaha! Progressed well until the car chase. -.-" Damn, the game just gets harder. I think the good point about the game is your health is reset after you passed a stage. If not, I can never play this game!

Second attempt [Stage ? (Car Chase)]: I still can't control my car well. How am I supposed to know which car is firing at me? Plus, there were so many things to note! The oil slick and the rocket and the normal shooting -- seriously, I suck at trying to use the correct method.

Third attempt [Stage ? (Car Chase)]: Score! Finally got a grip on things. And finally, the mission is over! I did well for my primary objectives but I missed out on killing one guard through stealth as a secondary objective so I couldn't get my extra 200 points. Grrr! Got 340 points in total. Decided to upgrade my gun again. 200 points used, leaving me with 140. Hmm... Got myself more decent boots and increased the blast of explosives but oh no! I should have upgraded my magazine to hold more ammo since I keep running out of bullets! >.< Sighs. Have 40 points left. Better save up for the magazine upgrade. Egads.

Righto, that's all for today. Next mission will be Cairo Trainyard. I have a feeling it might involve me running on top of the trains. Thrilling but anticipatingly daunting I suppose.