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Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction. Maybe I'm looking for any direction.

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I don't particularly know what I'm supposed to do here or what I wanna do here or what the category of this post should be, hence, the title. And blahblahblahblahblah.

Nice intro. It just lacks this:

Heh heh.

Hi, hi, Huda desu! I've introduced myself as a casual gamer in my profile. Not sure if I've introduced myself as mufujifi's acquaintance so, yeah, I'm her acquaintance and she's freaking awesome!

But why only an aquaintance? Well, mufujifi is very selective in people she wants to associate with so I'm very lucky to be even considered as her acquaintance because everyone else just wants me to go away. Everytime I enter a gameroom, they'll immediately lose because I'm the one screwing things up. Haha! You know, I was one of the people who played The Parish (L4D2) with her and totally left her 4 dead. HEHE. But I actually died before her. -.-" HARHAR Plus, I'm very erratic and a manic depressive so I'm pretty much a weird person and, well, nobody likes to be with weird people, aye?

I don't know if sleeping over at her house can be considered an upgrade from acquaintance to friend as I used her blanket to sleep on the floor. Yes, I slept on the floor, hoping that she'll sleep on her bed but nooooo... she slept in another room instead. I totally absorbed so much wisdom from the wooden floor that I actually can type out a blogpost after not updating for more than a year. My previous post was suspiciously on April Fool's. How about that?

It's not my thaaang to braaag but, pst pst, I'm the one who made mufujifi finish American McGee's Alice and start Alice: Madness Returns. I enjoyed watching her play it. That sounds wrong but what I meant was that I enjoyed watching Alice being manouvered skilfully by mufujifi. Not mufujifi handling the controller like a G6, you perv.

Nonsense aside, what exactly is my use then? Well, I kinda put in quite a bit of effort into a Ninja Five-O Let's Play. I should work on that, shouldn't I? I have a few clips of myself playing Fifa Online 2. Not sure if you wanna see it, but hey. I'll see how it goes.

Well then, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

See you again .... like..... Saturday? No, I'll have fever on that night... Maybe Friday is good.... as long as Rebecca Black doesn't show up in my hood. Hey, that rhymes!