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I burp flowers.


Hello, cavemen!

I'm blogging as I procrastinate my schoolwork.

*Steals one glance at mufujifi*

OK, OK. I shall do it now.


Still haven't touched my schoolwork! HAHA!

Anyway, gaming related news:

Got the cl0wned achievement I've been eyeing this morning. I wanted to get that Save Gnome Chomsky(? I forgot) achievement and I actually made it into the chopper with that damned gnome but I didn't receive it. :(

Maybe I actually have to have it in my hand to get that achievement. I had to drop it cos damned Nick wouldn't get on the damned chopper. SO I JUST STARTED SHOOTING AT HIM AND GOING "DIE DIE DIE!" SO FREAKING MAD! GRRR!

And that was that.

Played CityVille on FB as well. FUN. HAHA! Wanna see my city? Click on image for better view.

My city in CityVille! Saint Luna's!