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Hi, Miss Alice. Like, finally.

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Woah oh oh! I finally got my copy of Alice: Madness Returns, which comes with a free download of its prequel, American McGee's Alice.

Ironically, my crush was the one who helped me look out for the game and accompanied me to get it.

And well, no, we're not together because of my religion.

And yes, I still like him.

And no, I don't think he likes me.

So yeah, it's pitiful and I hate playing victim.

But anyway, back to the main centre of attraction: American McGee's Alice.

Let's see.

I had a horrible time playing it.

Firstly, it's highly probable that I am not used to the controls and platforming in this game is somewhat harder than in Uncharted.

Speaking of controls, the game showed select as the X button instead of O. However, select is actually the PS3 standard O instead of X. I actually lost my game progress because I mistakenly loaded instead of saved. No serious damage though, considering the fact that I was still in the beginning of the game.

Secondly, I should have just played on easy mode instead of medium but I'm too much of a nunchuck to play on easy. Yet, I am a world class noob. I had a lot of difficulty aiming and gauging. Also, I am so used to auto-angled cameras that I struggled with shifting the camera manually. You know, I kinda feel that this game is more engineered for a PC than a PS3. It's like they just copied and pasted the system and just modified the controls to adapt to the PS3's. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Gently, please. This could be blasphemy.

Thirdly, like ehmehgehd, stoopid boojums! I hate em I hate em I hate em. Now I know why other players have a beef with them.

This is damn embarrassing.... I'm still at Fortress of Doors: Beyond the Wall. And man, you have no idea how relieved I felt after I completed the Village of the Doomed. LOL

Are you guys looking forward to me completing the game? I have a feeling this is going to take me a year!

And oh! by the way, I completed Uncharted on easy mode. See, I'm not such a terrible gamer after all. I just need to game more often... it's just that I'm lazy.

And busy-crazy.

I thought everything will calm down after October but no.... things are going to get crazier. Sighs. When will I have the chance to stream Slender Man live?

On another note, I went to Legoland in Malaysia yesterday. IT WAS AWESOME! Sadly, we spent half-an-hour each time to queue up for a ride that lasts only two minutes.

What a waste.

Now I feel really pitiful.