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Dreams are beautiful even when realities are not

You will not believe what I did now.

I confessed my feelings to the guy I like.

At first, I was expecting a flat-out rejection...

but now....

his confusion is my confusion.

Right now, I have to patiently await his final decision and I will have to live with it.


Uncharted is awesome! It's quite frustrating for a noob gamer @ me but I do like the sceneries, especially the ones with waterfalls. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Still on chapter 4, in search of Elena after being plane-wrecked. BUTBUTBUT the combat parts are quite tense. I tried to get headshots as much as possible and I even won a trophy for that TEEHEEHEE. Still, it's quite tricky when you have to be mindful of the traps and low ammo (cos at one point of time I got fed up by the endless attacks that I just sprayed bullets).

Fifa12 has been ugh. I still can't get a grip on the controls. Will have to train my brain...and fingers.

Tried out WWE All Stars. At first I was like, ehhhh why you no have career mode? Then I realised that there are stories instead to complete, whereby you have to defeat some wrestlers through set matches before facing the legends at the end of it. I kept playing Brett Hart. KEKEKE.

Going to finish Uncharted first before moving onto Alice. LOVE LOVE LOVE!