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A vey dull and dry day

HUZZAH! Finally got around to making the video for my let's play. I don't sound excited/exciting cos my mic died on me when it's quite new. Got a bit put off by it. It's not so much of a "let's play" but more of a "let's comment on my retarded playing" in the end. Lol. And today is very dull and dry for a Friday. I usually like Fridays too. Meh. Must be the monster time that's affecting me.

Overused words of the video: "And", "So", "As you can see", and some other words I can't recall. Lol.

I've only put in captions for the opening and the first stage videos. It'll be an own time, own target thing. Yeah, I know, I'm a mumbler so captions help.

Here's to a dull and dry Friday: