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Let's Play series: Ninja Five-O

Go here:

or here:

or here:

For some reason MySpace is not playing my first video though.

Anyways, the next LP will be up on Thursday. YAY

I wanna know...

... what kind of gamer I am. Well, generally, I game for leisure but I'd like to know which genre is my niche. It'd be nice to join some competition for the heyhey of it. Hehe.

Anyways, the progress of my fund is literally toots. Sighs. I just can't seem to walk to the train station on the way to school. I can deal with walking home just not to school. It's too hard for me.

Plus, I'm disliking taking the train despite the privilege of looking at gorgeous guys. Hahahaha. I might just plan to take buses instead but heyhey, I'm not even sure if I want to get out of the house earlier.

Sighs again.

I wanna PS2. Gimme gimme PS2.

Not having money sucks when you want to game sooo badly. Sooo badly that you can turn into an evil monkey and hate the rest of your family for not understanding your need to game. I might be exaggerating but that's about how I feel, I guess.

Sooo mufujifi told me to set up a PS2 fund. Still, I have no idea how am I going to survive on $100 a month while topping up my targeted fund of $150 at least.

Sooo don't bother to read any further than this because below would be all the technical financial details of what I call a "hancai-boncai" plan.

I must set aside $13 for a textbook. Left with $100 - $13 = $87. That's not promising...

I am resolved to walk to the MRT station and back home. It's a desperate call and a long-shot.

To school: $1.52 x 10 days = $15.20

$87 - $15.20 = $71.80

To AMK Hub to meet a friend by MRT: $1.41

$71.80 - $1.41 = $70.39

To PERGAS from AMK Hub: $1.46

$70.39 - $1.46 = $68.93

Trip back home from PERGAS: $1.10 x 8 = $8.80

$68.93 - $8.80 = $60.13

Trip to PERGAS from school: $1.31 x 5 = $6.55

$60.13 - $6.55 = $53.58

Trip to PERGAS from home: $1.10 x 2 = $2.20

$53.58 - $2.20 = $51.38

Trip back home from school: $1.52 x 4 = $6.08

$51.38 - $6.08 = $45.30

Food: $45

Balance: $0.30

....$0.30 a month, huh? mufujifi said, "Don't eat." That's impossible for me but anyway, I think I can deduct $5 from food instead.

Right sooo by 21st Nov, I must have saved $5.30 by hook or by crook.

This is Faaantastic!

Oh, this is faaantastic! I thought law exam is on Thursday when it's on Friday! It's a good thing I checked. Heng ar. Hahahahahahaha! (*trying to imitate SirRonLionHeart*) Good. I wasted the whole of today just lazing around like a blob. Gotta start studying for law tomorrow. And thanks to Mufu, my hands are itching to play I Wanna Be The Guy. Must. Suppress. Desire. (Sounds like I got the Kuon disease or something.)


Hello. My name is pretty obvious since it's pasted on my profile and user icons and banner. Muahahaha. Ok, nonsense. I'm supposed to do an essay now so this will be a quick update. I want to play a game soon. Right after I am done with my law exam this Thursday. Mufu is so lucky! She doesn't have any exams at all. Grrr! Later.