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Downloaded a few of the mods you have listed here. It really makes the game BRUTAL, yet, more rewarding, Thank you for this post as it pointed me in that direction!
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I went from Xbox to PC for that very reason! Downloaded a bunch of LOTR lore mods to add to the feel this game has.
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Well so far several people have tried to show you the good side of things and you are still wary. My advice, DONT PLAY the game in Multi at all. If you friends are the types to cheat like little wankers then you need new friends. if you get smoked so fast your dust, invest more time and learn to spec your class correctly for maximum damage.
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If your running the game through steam be sure to check for any hardware updates that may have been dtected for you and it will update the hardware automatically. if not then you are going to want to check the asus website and see if they have released any updated hardware drivers.
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Now thats funny! TL2 great game!
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Can you.please fix the link. One of the reasons I am a paid sub is your access to info on these games and many in my collection which are hard to find walkthroughs and other info. Ty in advance