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Are Gamers Over 30 Immature? Or is it the times?

It has come to my attention that there is a belief that if your are over 30 and play video games you are immature. The talk around my wife's job was that a friend of hers recently got divorced because her husband spent to much time on his X-Box. This led to the women at work opining that she should have known when she met him. "Guys who play those games are immature", chirped one woman. Which leads me to the topic of my blog.

When I met my wife I was 21 years old and had a Sega Genesis. I had an enormous amount of games. I had the fishing controller, the gun and the CD attachment. I was a video game junkie. That did not scare my wife off. I went to work, payed my bills and gave of myself without question. When I met my wife she was 10 years older then me and loved my boyish charm. Did I get lucky? Was there something wrong with her? Well in my opinion I am lucky to have my wife but I was not lucky to find a women that was mental and only dated childish adults.

Maybe thats it. When I started playing video games they were challenging. You wanted to beat the game just to see the end credits, the end cinematics etc. To have the highest score. Todays gamers are not being challenged like that. They can hit the end credits at the main menu. They are rewarded for the easiest tasks with unlockables. First person shooters amount to nothing more than search and destroy. Wheres the quest? Wheres the challenge? Every new game on the market lately is just another rehash of the last one.

In my hay-day Super Mario was the thing. They had entire conventions where people sat and played SMB and entered high score contests. Rewarded with only the prestige of holding the HIGH score. That was the reward.

Some may say, NUMA where is the challenge in making a little man squash mushrooms and jump into sewer pipes? I will tell you that till this day, I cannot beat SMB going straight through the game. Do I suck? Maybe. But Super Mario is a challenge to beat straight through with no tricks or shortcuts. Today you can buy entire guides telling you exactly where everything is in the game. Your only challenge is whether or not you can button mash at the right time. You have poeple who get the game they want and then look for the CODES to enter into thier cheat device. You have an entire industry based on GAME CHEATING. If you are going to cheat at a game, and its only yourself your cheating, what else are you prepared to cheat at in your life? You are cheating yourself. Your cheating yourself out of the entire experience of the game.

Today's gamers whine when a game is not on-line multiplayer. They cry when a game has to little unlock-ables and challenges them to get those unlock-ables at the very end of the game. With this in mind I think there is a certain immature element to gaming over the age of 30. Most people over 30 are going to play that game to the very end especially if they have been gaming for over fifteen years.

Playing it to the end and ignoring everything else in your life: Immature. gaming is awesome. its become my therapy. I will be old, rickety and have severe carpal tunnel syndrome, but I will play God of War: Depends Edition.

So I asked my wife how old was this man your friend divorced? She told me he was 34. I said how long has he been playing video games? She told me, SHE BOUGHT HIM THE XBOX LAST CHRISTMAS!!!!!


I guess if you spend all your time on your X-Box and none on your priorities, like say, YOUR MARRIAGE. Then yeah, your immature. I told my wife to give her friend this message for me:

Next guy you meet ask him if he plays video games. If he says yes, ask him for how long. If he just started, STAY away.

Until Next Time.....

DS Lite

Purchased my DS Lite today.

When I first heard that Nintendo was making a "better DS"  I was miffed. I felt a little ripped off when the GBA SP came after I finally tracked dwon a good backlight for the unit I had. I could not deny the backlit screen and clamshell design mad it worth the purchase. But serveral independent companies were able to mode the original with a great backlight, afterburner was one of them. So was it not obvious in testing this would be a major issue?

Tracking the DS Lite progess here at GS with its updates and previews I was decided that I would get a Lite. My reasons were this, and maybe some of you can relate. The DS screen as is makes the games that are darker in their storylines and graphics seem a bit dull. I had a hard time working with the stylii and pulling off button combos with certain games which I really wanted the experience with. So I set the DS down for a while but would pick it up when a title came out that seemed manageable and easy to navigate with the stylii.

Games like Metroid Prime Hunters sat unplayed, Goldeneye, and others. I just knew the hardware wasn't quite there to exploit the potential of these awesome titles.  I have had the DS lite now for about 8 hours and have popped almost all my games into it just to see the look and feel. Its like a whole new system to me. I must say this time it was well worth it but leaves me with this one gripe:

WHY NOT GET IT RIGHT FROM THE GET GO. Milking the average gamer will eventually change the way we purchase and when which in turn will show these companies a drop in hardware sales which will drop the software and not only will the giants feel it but the third party developers who make tremendous contributions to the industry will suffer the most. Its time we as consumers stop rushing to the stores at every new BUTTON they may add to the systems we already own and demand they make a worthy product out of the gate. As far a software, these sports titles that add three new features a year and can't get the rosters right really have turned me off to sports titles buy one, create the players they failed to do the research on and play the heck of it. Jibba Jabba 

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